Water Supply And Its Conservation In Nairobi

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The Nairobi Water Company wishes to inform its esteemed customers that there has been a huge drop in water levels in our water storage at Thika (Ndakaini) and Sasumua dams due to failure of long rains.

Currently the storage at Ndakaini, where 80% of water to the city comes from, is less by 30% of the reservoir capacity of 70 million Cubic Metres.

To sustain the supply through the rest of the year March next rains, the normal supply from the dam must be controlled as required by the operation rules. And as there is very little flow from the rivers into the dam, the supply pi-water for treatment has reduced drastically.

Although a rationing programme had been issued and published in some of the dailies in May this year, the present situation on the ground may call for its further review with a view to distributing the water more equitably. This may lead to a small reduction in hours of supply for some customers- to be advised at an appropriate time.

In the meantime, the Company is taking the following measures to alleviate the anticipated crisis should the condition not improve:
  • Controlling the stored volume of water to ensure it is sustained to the next rains
  • Ensure available water is equitably distributed through rationing programme and water bowsers
  • Calling on consumers to use water sparingly and enhance strict conservation measures
  • Enhanced patrol on trunk mains to reduce water loss occasioned by vandalism Repairing leaks as soon as they are reported
  • Replacing old network pipes to curb water loss through leaks Conducting aggressive underground leak detection and repair of the identified leaks
The Company would prefer that water for critical activities like domestic, industrial and commercial activities is available in reasonable quantities during the period and is appealing to consumers to practice the following water saving tips:
  1. No watering of flowers will be done between 9am and 6pm.
  2. No carwashes should operate within this dry period. Those flouting this rule will have their cars towed away and prosecuted. Car owners are therefore advised to clean their cars at home with rinsing water.
  3. No domestic gardening with water directly from the tap. Use grey water for gardening. Avoid irrigation with sprinklers or hose pipes.
  4. Business premises within CBD are advised against washing pavements with water from the wet risers.
  5. Report any leaks, vandalism immediately to the Company on the following numbers: 557131/2/3, 552150 or 553737.
  6. Check all leakages within the premises and have them repaired without delay. This will not only reduce their bills but will conserve water for the severely affected areas.
Your cooperation is of utmost importance to us.
Managing Director
Nairobi Water Company

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