Hilary Ngw'eno - The Making of a Nation Kenya's History DVD Now Available

For those really interested in a masterpiece of historical chronology of the political path that Kenya has trodden from the late days of colonialism - pre-1963 - to the breakup of the NARC coalition - 2002-2005 - then Hilary Ngweno's "The Making of a Nation" is a collector's item to have in your DVD rack.

Reminisce the exit of Kenya's colonial masters through the intrigues of Tom Mboya, Jaramogi Oginga and Jomo Kenyatta's "cold wars" all the way to Moi's ousting from power by the failed NARC coalition in 2002 and the eventual breakup of the formidable NARC Coalition. This is a DVD that will keep you glued to your set and still remain a handy reference later on.

The Making of a Nation is an invaluable encyclopedia of 14 half-hour episodes of Kenya's post independent political history compiled by Hilary Ngw'eno, a journalist of repute.

Hilary Ngw'eno is renown as an editor of 'The Weekly Review', Kenya's top political weekly magazine in the 70s and 80s. The episodes were aired by NTV in the runup to the 2007 General Elections.

Through 14 captivating half-hour episodes, the series tells the story of the last days of Kenya's freedom struggle, the turbulent early years of the country's independence, the dramatic events and the larger than life cast of characters that shaped and continues to shape the destiny of their young nation.

This DVD is available in Nakumatt Supermarkets for KShs 1,800.

For those out there with no access to Nakumatt and really interested in securing a copy of the DVD send an email to nairobidvd@gmail.com for assistance with the logistics.

Hurry while stocks last.

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2 Responses to Hilary Ngw'eno - The Making of a Nation Kenya's History DVD Now Available

Vivek said...

I have watched this DVD and i have to say it opened my eyes and refreshed my history! Brilliant and its too the point! Kept me glued for 7 hours non stop!

Anonymous said...

I take it in one section at a time and boy.. what a production!! I think this is one of the best if not the BEST documentary I have seen on my country.. To the producers GREAT JOB