The ECK cannot be hanged by people with NO Moral authority as Kenyans watch!

The ECK cannot be hanged by people with NO Moral authority as Kenyans watch!

(1) Those Kenyans who respect institutions have moral obligation to say a deafening No.

(2) CREDO Foundation has watched in disbelief the politicians' call for the disbandment of the Electoral Commission of Kenya for the last eleven months now.The Parliament, one of the three wings of government has shown utter contempt of the judiciary by disobeying court orders with impunity. In fact Kenyans can rest assured this is a new beginning to a dictatorship. We must stop it.

(3) We have observed with interest that all those that call for this disbandment are those that were announced winners by the same Electoral Commission and who were all later sworn in as Councillors, Members of Parliament and Ministers of Government and their close supporters across the country.

(4) The issue they repeat and repeat for our ears and those of the foreigners particularly the American Ambassador to our country is that the General Election was all flawed.

(5) If this is why the ECK must go, the CREDO Foundation sees a strange thing in our political
development that may be positive:

(i) If the Election was flawed, and the leaders confirm this then the whole government system has to go but not just the ECK.

(ii) The Constitution amendment bill to amend Section 41 of the Constitution to allow the disbandment of the ECK proposes that the National Accord mediation team that worked with Koffi Annan will be the ones to appoint new commissioners after the current ECK is disbanded. It is now known that this whole team is interested in vying for the presidency in 2012. How can they be the ones to be trusted to appoint the commissioners who probably will be instructed to favour them during the general elections?

(6) Kenya has to contend with:

(i) The Political Parties Act

(ii) The Kriegler report

(iii) TheWaki report, and,

(iv) The existing divisions between individuals and among political alliances and coalitions

(7) Each of the above presupposes weaknesses and evils committed and recommends ways and means of Cleaning the systems and disciplining individuals. This does not augur well with many because one thing that does not go well with human beings is criticism and accusation. Bearing this in mind we wish to say the following:

8a. We believe that, it is only losers that wish and struggle for the fall and exit of others so that they may rise and succeed.

8b. Number 6 above contains channels of hatred and more divisions for this country if mishandled.

8c. The Electoral Commission of Kenya is tied in 6(i) and 6(ii) and the government has to manage this well so that the country will be more peaceful than ever before. Please, Peace be the dream-aim.

8d.We wish to strongly say that the same people calling for the quick implementation of 6(i, ii.and iii) above are the same bitter people that have caused division in 6(iv).

(9) There must be a very strange conspiracy and intention that has been hidden from the public

(10) CREDO Foundation will go to every length to see to it that Kenyans understand the game that is being played here.

Mtumishi Njeru Kathangu
National Chairman
Duplex Apartments Upper Hill, No 59
Tel: 20 271 2230, Fax: 20 271 2214
P.O Box 69564,00400 Nairobi-Keya

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