Gingalili (1968) Limited Response to Ababu Namwamba's Maize Scandal Accusations

Our attention has been drawn to various allegations that were made on the floor of Kenya's Parliament on Wednesday, February 4th 2009; by the Member of Parliament for Budalangi Constituency.

We wish to enlighten the public on the nature of the activities undertaken by Gingalili (1968) Limited. Gingalili is a farm situated in Subukia, Nakuru District.

The farm is jointly owned by H. E. President Mwai Kibaki, H.E. First Lady Mrs. Lucy Kibaki, and their children.

The farming activities include dairy farming and vegetable farming. Gingalili (1968) Limited IS NOT AND NEVER HAS BEEN IN THE BUSINESS OF BUYING AND SELLING MAIZE OR ANY OTHER COMMODITIES.

We therefore take great exception to the allegations made in Parliament on February 4th 2009 by the Member of Parliament for Budalangi. Even going by the current low political standards that exists among certain politicians in Kenya today, the attack on the First Lady from the floor of the National Assembly is unprecedented, undignified and exceedingly shameful.

Indeed, it is a sad day for Kenya when an MP can use his parliamentary privilege to cast DISHONEST aspersions on the character and dignity of innocent Kenyans who do not have the opportunity to defend themselves in Parliament.

We humbly request the Speaker of the National Assembly to give the nation direction on this issue, as it is not the first time a Member of Parliament is maliciously maligning Kenyans from the floor of Parliament.

We also challenge the Member of Parliament for Budalangi to repeat these allegations outside the sanctuary of Parliament, where he cannot hide behind "parliamentary privilege."

Our immense encouragement goes to the First Lady of the Republic. We urge her to continue to remain steadfast and strong in her service to the nation, and to continue speaking out for the many Kenyans whose voices are never heard.

Given her known attributes of tremendous integrity, courage and determination, especially in the face of adversity, we are certain that she will prevail. The Bible tells us that goodness will always triumph over evil.

God bless you, Mum.

Thank you Kenyans for your kind words of support and encouragement.

God bless Kenya.

Judith Wanjiku Kibaki
James Kibaki
David Kagai Kibaki
Anthony Githinji Kibaki

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