I did not apoligize to the First Lady, Says Ababu Namwamba

Jeff Koinange, former CNN journalist, now in Kenya's K24 television station is back, with a bang.

In just three days, he has interviewed, William Ruto, Bonny Khalwale and Ababu Namwamba, all key players in the Maize Scandal. His interviews are generating news and rejoinders all over.

Last night it was Ababu Namwamba's turn "on the bench", coined from the outdoor bench where Jeff conducts his interviews.

Facts as per Ababu Namwamba
  • Gingalili limited (1968), the company associated with the first lady, was one of the 600 companies tabled in parliament by Minister for Agriculture Hon william Ruto as having bought maize from NCPB. He did not just come up with the name
  • Gingalili limited bought 500 bags of maize
  • Registry records showed that First lady was a director of Gingalili limited
  • Kwalwale selectively unmasked some directors of these companies such as Jackson Kibor and a North Eastern widow of a late former MP and ignored some of the other companies such as Gingalili Ltd
  • Why did Kwalwale fail to reveal all the directors of the 600 companies and concentrated on those that had links to William Ruto? Political mischief to finish Ruto?
  • Ababu has documents showing that the office of the prime minister sent letters on the office's letter heads to NCPB requesting allocation of 50,000 bags of maize. The VP office requested 20,000 bags. Kwalwale ignored this.
  • Ababu did not apologize to the first lady as alleged and is ready to face a court of law as threatened by the Kibaki family if need be. He only retracted the part that implied that by buying maize from NCPB is criminal which could have tarnished the character of the first lady and caused embarassment to the first family.
Khalwale a hired musketeer
Ababu claimed that Khalwale is bent on sanitizing some politicians and incriminating Ruto for political gain of his hirees.

Ababus supports establishment of a local tribunal to try post election violence masterminds

"Let us act local but leave room for the Hague to move in if someone plays monkey business. The process marred by 2012 succession. Extremely difficult for this bill to be passed".

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Anonymous said...

bravo jeff koinange for your good work.am salim junior and always on k24,all kenyan,all the time.