Lemuel Mwangi: An Open Letter to the Government of Kenya

I would not be utterly wrong by acknowledging the government of Kenya for having managed to convince Kenyans to buddle votes in their favor. I cannot overlook the effort many citizens made, battling the morning chill, footing for hours, and most significantly filling in that ballot paper that gives the privilege you are enjoying. I know Kenyan did the best they could to have the right people take the office. But are you the right people?

In the recent ‘Kenya we want’ .conference, there were a couple of loop holes that need to be stitched up. While we want a better Kenya, which is basically made of soil and vegetation, shouldn’t we have also had a conference of the ‘KENYANS we want’? Get me right. Kenyans not Kenya. While Kenya is a part of earth, Kenyans are a part of the world and therefore, I think it would have been more appropriate if we think more of the people who will eventually facilitate the natural sector to prosper.

Supposing we had a ‘Kenyans we want’ conference, Kenyans would have realized the many people who are a costly loss to the people that any benefit. We would have realized who Kenya would rather do without. There are many such people hiding behind the curtains of uninformed Kenya. And such people to begin with include but not limited to: Mungiki and other killer gangs, government officials who have been proved to have initiated any kind of violence, those who illegally sell any public property, those who sell grains that belong to the starving Kenyans, officers who are executing innocent Kenyans and most importantly, the government men who watch ignorantly as injustice is being committed. Before we think of Kenya, let us think of who makes Kenya.

I will encourage the government to view with the eye and not smell with the ear.


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