Lemuel Mwangi: Pluck the Mungiki Seedling or Prepare to Cut the Tree

What would you do if you cross the line first, but the victory belt is awarded a non-participant athlete or just a person in the crowd? Would you stand humiliation?

In the political screens of a sovereign East Africa nation, there are developmental changes in the power of deciding and saying. Those who decide would only be affixed the seal of a machete better known as dagger or ‘Panga’ while the announcer stand behind the seal of an elected government to address the citizens.

It is worth wondering how a machete seal would look like. Not too long into the future, Kenyans might be surfacing into the reality of this unfamiliar but probable expectation. Over the past three decades, Kenyans have seen terror evolve from the era of possibility to certainty; only these terrorists are bombing their own houses.

I wonder if Kenyans know which sector of the economy is growing at the highest rate. Well, it is the outrageous ‘blood’ department. The only difference being that no donor is ever willing to drain his red body fluid in to the earth. It is no wonder that every Kenyan now need at least a body guard to walk through every dark corner.

Although our men in uniform are well armed, they are crippled by a very miraculous but dangerous disease, corruption. No wonder they spend most of their day in the armory while citizens are being slaughtered. I wonder how much they are paid. All because of one name that has no place in the dictionary at its tribe of origin, but has managed to earn worldwide popularity.

Imagine a whole town at stand still, just because a two year old has learned the first name in life - mungiki. One mention and the whole town’s businesses close for the night, even though it is barely midday. To me, it seems like Kenya is operating on a curfew lottery with a ‘new’ government so powerful that a baby might opt to stay put in the womb at delivery. I do not say this for granted, but if I were given an option at birth, I would not have dared venturing into the world of manslaughter, period!

Looking at the Kenya of today, the elected office has been turned into a ‘spokesman’ institution while authority lies in the hands of terror gangs. Do Kenyans really know how many killers are on the loose? Mungiki alone has at least a million of them. Add ‘taliban’, Kamjesh, and the rest and you will be amazed by the number.

Looking at one side of the problem, the fertile hills at the heartland of Kenya have seen the better part of its population owing loyalty to the Mungiki gang. A simple but complicated oath is turning kikuyu households into butcheries with a whole population being trained to be human butchers. It does not end there but goes on to cannibalism.

While the government is doing nothing about this, the ‘Mau Mau’ of the 20th century are filling their bellies with human fresh with genitals forming the sweetest part- or maybe nutritious. Blood has now become a common ingredient among the million plus ‘human’ butcher whose only identity is practical misery.

With the alarming growth of the Mungiki, human steak might just be a favorite among patrons at the many restaurants in Kenya. While the administration ought to be fighting the growing cannibal ideology, the big men are part of the count in tasting the new item in the menu. That is where Kenya is, and I do not know where it will be tomorrow.

In less than a generation into the future, Kenya might just be an epitome of agony, time in which the color at the center of their flag will be evident in rivers as they wind their way from the hill at the heartland of Kenya to spread influence in to the now almost conquered territories. Dreadlocks will be a trademark identity, sniffing tobacco a bus ticket, machetes a part of dressing and murder a daily chore with the high court closing, since no one will get to the bar, criminal or suspect. Grave yards will close and the normal RIP being change to ‘See you steak at my dinner plate’.

There will be no postmortems, since all death will be a result of the death game, a chore of that generation. Death is already being a penalty for members of the Kikuyu community who are not willing to join the ‘Mungiki’. How many more people are yet to die? Where is the future of Kenya?

It is time the world chipped in. I do not know how long the world will take to understand this, but if it so believes in humanity, then let no more people perish in the misery and agony of a murderous death. Let there not be another al-Qaida born in Kenya.

Judging from past events the Kenya administration has proved unable to contain its own crisis therefore giving the world an upper hand to come in and pluck the young group before it develops leaves in other parts of the world. What does the world say? May the answer be practical.

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One Response to Lemuel Mwangi: Pluck the Mungiki Seedling or Prepare to Cut the Tree

muigwithani said...

Violence – in all its many forms – is abhorrent to all who believe human life is a gift of God and therefore infinitely precious. Every attempt to intimidate others by inflicting indiscriminate death and injury upon them is to be universally condemned. The answer to Criminal gangs (Mungiki or death squads) however, cannot be to respond in kind, for this can lead to more violence and more terror. Instead, a concerted effort of all people is needed to remove any possible justification for such acts.Acts of violence are criminal acts, and should be addressed by the use of the instruments of the rule of law, both locally and internationally.