Micah Cheserem, New CMA Chairman: What a joke

Everyday, the grand coalition circus is proving that Daniel Moi is the best president Kenya ever had and probably have.

The recent circus is the appointment of Micah Cheserem as the new chairman of the board of Capital Markets Authority taking the position previously held by Professor Waruinge who resigned. Micah Cheserem is a former central bank governor under Moi regime expected to safeguard trillions of shillings invested at the Nairobi Stock Exchange and restore investor confidence.

Going by Micah Cheserem's admissions during his first press conference, the Kenyan investor is in for very interesting times.

Since 2001 when he exited from the public scene, he has been busy farming enough not to know who Stellar Kilonzo is or how she looks like, despite her sitting a few chairs from her. Micah Cheserem has no idea what the CMA board does but he will just go in.

"Prof Waruinge resigned and noone knows why. When you see a lion run out of a bush do you just jump in. But I have been asked to do it so I will just get in", Cheserem quipped.

Cheserem is now being hailed as a reformist bank governor who reined in the Goldenberg scandal. Are we admitting that under Moi we had the best monetary and fiscal policies and no new blood can do a good job as Cheserem can.

The age question and generational change issue keeps coming up as well. But that does not hold water if the new generation consists of Ababu Namwamba, Mungatana, Ruto and such ilk.

Is the Kibaki-Raila government so inept that they keep giving a thumbs up to the Moi era, which was showed the door through a hail of mud at Uhuru park? Whats wrong with these two? Is it an admission that Moi was a better ruler than Kibaki and Raila combined that they have to keep recycling his men and ideas.

To sink this concept further, Moi once said that Wanjiku is not up to the task of making a constitution and recommended that a team of experts, local and foreign, be entrusted with the process. The then opposition thought Moi was dumb. Today, the grand coalition is busy putting a team of experts to give Kenya a new constitutional dispensation. Wanjiku is forgotten.

Kibaki and Raila cannot accuse Moi of bloodshed, political intolerance and tribalism. It is worse under them. It is not uncommon to hear Kenyans muttering that even if Moi's politics was bad, at least he did not play politics with Unga (maize and maize flour), the staple food of many a Kenyans.

God save Kenya

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