Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports - Department of Youth Training


To maximize the full potential of the youth through participatory engagement that serves their needs and aspirations in building a better Kenya


The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports was established in December, 2005 to champion the mainstreaming of youth agenda in all sectors of the economy.

One of the Ministry's core functions is to rehabilitate and refurbish the Youth Polytechnics with a view to empowering the youths with market driven technical and entrepreneurship skills.

This function is housed in the Department of Youth Training.

The Department of Youth Training is mandated to empower the youth through:
  • The provision of appropriate and quality Vocational and Technical Training in Youth Polytechnics.
  • Development of Policy guidelines for Youth Polytechnics
  • Integrate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Technical Industrial Vocational and Entrepreneurship (TIVET) training in Youth Polytechnics.
  • Promote healthy living among the youth through life skill training in Youth Polytechnics
  • Promote Environmental Conservation Education Programmes in Youth Polytechnics.
  • Promote co-curriculum activities in the Youth Polytechnics through sports and drama.
  • To improve youth participation in decision making process
  • To develop and strengthen entrepreneurship, leadership and life skills among the youth
  • To develop and review the Training Policy
  • To equip youth with relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes for the labour market.
  • To improve transition within the education system and address needs of marginalized youth
  • To support and strengthen alternative learning systems
In order to realize the above objectives, the Department of Youth Training has embarked on several intervention measures which include;
  • Development of twelve (12) new market driven Youth Polytechnics curricular
  • Rehabilitation of physical facilities of Youth Polytechnics
  • Provision of Tools and Equipment to Youth Polytechnics
  • Provision of pre-service and in-service training programs for Youth Polytechnic instructors in areas of pedagogy
  • Provision of quality and control mechanisms in the implementation of Youth Polytechnic curricular
Since its inception two years ago, the Department has achieved the following:
  • Equipped 239 Youth Polytechnics with tools and equipment country wide
  • Undertaken 53 projects (construction of workshops, hostels and computer laboratories) in various Youth Polytechnics across the country to completion.
  • Deployed 500 qualified instructors to Youth Polytechnics countrywide
  • Inducted 160 instructors on pedagogical skills
  • Developed new curricular for 12 courses which include (Information and Communication Technology, Building Technology, Motor vehicle Technology, Fashion Design and Garment Making, Hair Dressing and Beauty Therapy , Electrical and Electronics Technology, Metal Processing Technology, Food Processing Technology, Agri-Business, Appropriate Carpentry and Joinery, Leatherwork Technology, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning)
  • Developed curricular support materials in all the courses
  • Piloted the new curricular in selected youth polytechnics
  • Developed a Guidance and Counseling manual and workbook for youth polytechnics
During the financial year 2008/09, the Ministry got a budgetary allocation for Subsidized Youth Polytechnic Tuition Scheme .

This programme aims at enhancing access in technical and vocational training and increasing enrollment in the Youth Polytechnics. The programme targets all trainees in public Youth Polytechnics

The Ministry in collaboration with Kenya Institute Of Education( KIE) has developed curricular for four (4) new technical courses; Refrigeration and Air Conditioning; Agri-Business,; Leatherwork Technology and Food Processing Technology). To address the challenges facing the youth, the Ministry has developed Guidance and Counseling programs in Youth Polytechnics.

The Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports , Hon. Prof. Hellen Sambili EGH will on 27th February 2009 launch Subsidized Youth Polytechnic Tuition Scheme , establishment of Guidance and Counseling programs and the piloting of the four new courses in Youth Polytechnics Curricular in Iten, Keiyo District, Rift Valley Province.

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4 Responses to Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports - Department of Youth Training

Anonymous said...

did a research recently and 96% of the youth say have not in any way benefited from the ministry.

Anonymous said...

It's time the ministry of youth and sports to come up with a plan of 50-50 basis among the youth in youth polytechnics and the youth in sports

Anonymous said...

Why do this ministry employ instructors youth polytechnics on contract and post them far from home yet the salary is with no allowance with this inflation. This is so unfair. we hope the coming gov't will atleast motivate them with even house allowance only. Because hii ya sahii haina huruma kabisa.

William Kamau said...

I am one of the beneficiary of the kenya youths fund through the ministry of youth of youth affairs and sports. I have successively undertaken ictt in a recently 'resurrected' yp, which the fees is subsidised by the government.