Mutahi Ngunyi Opinon on Political Intrigues in Kenya

Mutahi Ngunyi is a renown political commentator and advisor. He writes a popular column on the Sunday Nation titled; The Last word. Today was Mutahi Ngunyi's turn to be interviewed by jeff Koinange on K24.

On Martha Karua's Spirited Fight for a Local Tribunal

Martha Karua is extremely pedestrian or mischievous to suggest that small fish will go scot free as big fish head to the Hague. Just like the Rwanda's village Kachacha courts, post election rapists, those who torched houses and murderers can effectively be handled by the magistrate courts in Kibera and Eldoret. In fact, if they know these criminals what are they waiting for?

Kibaki Should fire Mutula Kilonzo

Mutula Kilonzo proposed that the two principals (Kibaki and Raila) should resign over the failure to marshal troops in parliament. Kibaki should have fired Mutula immediately. If it was Moi, Mutula would have been fired over the 1 o'clock news.

On the Grand Coalition so far

The Grand Coalition is a fellowship of thugs and currently is only between the two principals who will stick together no matter what.

Kenya is facing imminent collapse, the sooner this happens the better, we fight and sought each other out, so as to have a clean slate in 2012. The process of political decay which is necessary. Even in the bible, unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground a plant cannot develop. For Kenya, things have to break before they can be ok. There will be a few dark patches ahead and after that there will be light.

Maize Corruption Scandal

Politicians who got maize and sold it out of the country are sub-human, probably with a tail if they were to be examined. If corruption has become a fourth factor of production (in addition to land, labour and capital), they should just legalize it. The government promised Kshs 52 maize flour is nowhere to be seen and prices has skyrocketed to kshs 150. Revolutions are about food and these politicians a precipitating one in Kenya. For example, the french revolution. The gods make blind those they wish to destroy. They may have blinded these leaders in order to destroy them.

Motion of Censure on William Ruto, the Minister for Agriculture

This is nothing but political nonsense. Even if it was to pass, Ruto will step aside, a commission will be set up, findings will not be made public and just like Kimunya, president Kibaki will reinstate him and ask what are you gonna do about it? The best censure should be from the community which tells such a minister we have nothing to do with you.

Generational Change needed in Kenya

Jeff Koinange's and Mutahi Ngunyi's generation (the 40s) has to rise to the occasion. Just like the "Rika ria 40" (the 40 ageset) which was a rebellion against the wazees of the time in the manner they were dealing with the colonialists. If this ageset failes, a demagogue may emerge, move the masses but a bit cranky upstairs, for example, like what happenedn in history of Europe that lead such leaders like Musolin and Hitler.

On Moi

Moi offered leadership, Kibaki leadership woolly and woolly to the extreme, no leadership at all. Raila has become woolly as well since been let into the inside. For example, in yesterday's vote in parliament where 93 Mps opposed Raila and Kibaki this means that these 93 Mps have no leader.

On the Hague

It is a good option. Our leaders are cowards though they look like great people. Mention Hague to them and they tremble as it affects their families for example their children are out there. They may have to be deported back if their fathers are sent to the Hague. It is a good psychological war to these leaders. In terms of speedy justice, it is a not a good option. Kenyans should however not put their faith in the Hague e.g. there has only been 4 arrests of the 12 warrants of arrests issued by ICC. The 8 remaining 4 have since died and 4 are still at large.

On Annan

Mutahi Ngunyi holds the view that Annan should go back to Kumasi or wherever he came from. It should have been better if we had a Kenyan solution. For now, however, we need international intervention. Annan should tell us on 1 march who are on the envelope so that we can relax. Then those who want to hide behind their communities can do so and those communities who want to fight for their leaders can do it/ They should be allowed to do so, so that this 'hiding behind a community' can be fixed once and for all.After all, violence may not have the same impact it had in January 2008 since the two principals are bossom buddies.

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