Raila's Life Under Threat?

Who would want Prime Minister Raila Odinga dead at this time in Kenya? The Kenya newspapers have sneaked in the story amidst the crisis prevailing in Kenya and have been reporting this over the weekend, but no headlines yet.

Over the typical weekend political rallies this issue was revisited in Bondo, as the Odinga's commemorated the life of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. His elder brother, MP for Bondo and assistant Minister for Finance accused police commissioner Major General Hussein Ali of not beefing up his younger brother's security detail.

The source of this information is an alleged police communication intercepted by the media alerting police chiefs to beef up security and be aware of threat. Police spokesman Kiraithe has since declared the communication as fake. So is Raila's assasination plot fake?

Some terrorists out there are out to assassinate Raila Odinga in a helicopter mishap like the one that happened to Sudanese leader John Garang', Mirugi Kariuki, Bonaya Godana and Kipkalya Kones among other Kenyan MPs. For the complex reason that the terrorists want to register displeasure Kenya's cooperation with the US on the war of terror. Why Raila? Why this time when Obama is dismantling Guatenamo bay chambers?

The Nairobi Star on Monday reports that Raila's security has now been beefed up from the current 46 security officers.

The last Raila death threat claims came in the runup to the 2007 general elections. No reports were made public of what the investigations to the threats revealed.

While such death threats should be treated with the seriousness they deserve, Raila is also known to go to great lengths to seek attention and public sympathy as well as divert public attention from entangling ropes that could easily hang him.

We hope this is not another "Boy Cry Wolf" story.

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