A wake-up call to Kibaki and Raila

The first report of the consultant firm established to update Chief Mediator Kofi Annan on the progress of the coalition government is a shocker.

It indicts President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga for failing to deliver on many of the issues they appended their signatures to.

The report issues a gloomy warning of the country breaking up if the two principals do not take charge of the reforms they promised to implement to ensure there is no repeat of the 2007 violence.

Kenyans have been patient and have given the two enough time to re-focus their attention to addressing the issues that affect them directly.

It is a sore point with many that some of these issues seem to have been put on a back burner as the two lurch from one crisis to another.

This management through crisis does not bode well for the country. We want them to deal
decisively with the problems of squatters, corruption, transitional justice and the new constitution.

They will have themselves to blame if the country breaks up.

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