Why Amos Kimunya Should not be in Cabinet

Amos Kimunya is a happy man now that the spotlight is not on him. Thanks to the Nakumatt and Sachangwan fires, maize scandals creeping on William Ruto and Kiraitu Murungi's Triton oil scandal, Amos Kimunya is a free man.

My main worry is that although he was "exonerated" Kenyan style from corruption and wrong doing in the sale of the Grand Regency, no attempt was made to resolve the loss of money in Grand Regency bank accounts.

At the time of handover of Grand Regency from Pattni to Central Bank of Kenya, the receiver managers claimed that there was over Kshs 300,000,000 ($4m). CBK alleged that there was no such money in those accounts.

Where did this money go?

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