William Ruto, the Newest Kenya's Demigod

Yesterday's flop of the censure motion against Ruto illuminated Ruto to a demigod status in Kenya.

He has joined the untouchables club in Kenya. Complete with the monies and idolistic cult following necessary to manouvre any political hurdle placed in his way to an iron fist chiefdom. Unless things change drastically, and I mean, changes that wipe Kenya off the map of Africa, Ruto will be the man to beat in 2012. If things go his way, as they are, William Arap Samoei Ruto will be the fourth president of Kenya. Forget his allegedly dark past and his cookie jar adventures with the public coffers since 1992 or his pending land grabbing court case, Ruto transcends all that.

Even Koffi Annan knows this and has delayed handing over to the ICC in Hague, the secret list of masterminds, of which Ruto is rumoured to be in the top ten. Noone, including Annan, Kibaki and Raila, wants to rattle Ruto at this time when he is illuminated and charged ready to fight any bull and heifer fights.

This is a man who elicits fear, pride, hatred, love, passion and makes blood gush when his name is mentioned. Irregadless of which side of the Kenya political divide you are in, you are bound to feel any of this emotions. Ruto is the current total man in Kenya making Biwott a miniature of the term total man. Raila's cultic following cannot match Ruto's and you cannot place Kibaki or Kalonzo in the same scale with Ruto. Kenya is stuck with the guy for the next 20 years.

Ruto mounted a spirited defence in parliament where Dr Bonny Khalwale had moved a censure motion against him citing the ongoing maize scandal and famine which has claimed the lives of some Kenyans. Ruto is a suave, brilliant and calculating politician whose troops disoriented any proponents of the motion. There were talks of death threats, money changing hands and night-long secret meetings. We are back to the Nyao-era or we actually never got out of it. It was clear Ruto had sealed all the loopholes to his political oblivion to the extent that Dr Khalwale was unconvincing and confused compared to his strarring performance during the Amos Kimunya censure motion.

Bonny Khalwale's debate was weak and uncoordinated and the appearance of Martha Karua made Bonny look like a hired mercenary. The sad bit is that Bonny's intention on face value were for the good of the nation, a jab at impunity and corruption, and intended to raise the bar of accountability and responsibility of public servants to the Kenyan citizenry. All this was trashed in less than four hours. Kenya ina wenyewe and Ruto has worked his way to the Kenya's shareholders register.

The events of the last two months in Kenya just shows that Kenya is heading to its fate fast and furiously. The first and second liberation were fruitless and barren. Anyone thinking that the current leadership will bring ANY change in Kenya or vision 2030 will be realised is mistaken. We will be treated to more circus and political shenanigans without substance. Kenyans will continue to die like flies for political expediency. Unemployment rates will soar. Poverty, disease and hunger will be Kenya's best friends. The gap between the rich and poor will be like the Zimbabwean inflation. There is no hope for Kenya as things deteriorate by the day. This is when we need a total man like William Ruto to take us there.

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5 Responses to William Ruto, the Newest Kenya's Demigod

geraldos said...

You may paste him as the best option but u still dream that 2012 according to politics it is way too far.he may be young and energertic,but his win on the censureship,did not mean that he is all that.failure of the motion was due to the fact that it was moved by martha,whom the PNU chiefs greatly opposes,Ruto also holds the vital cord of the odm and finally there also other corruption case which rotates around the government that need to be settled on the cabinet tables than loosening them on the public.Thus his win was the government control on the new trend of publicising the division among it members.He is not the man for 2012.

Anonymous said...

i pitty those who're not watching Ruto.iam not his supporter but.man this guy is becoming too powerful!
he is the man to watch...

george said...

kenyan politics is simply running out of control and kenyans simply trust no one as per now.They are confused about 2012 and ruto is no option,and even after escaping the sensor motion he will not escape from the wrath of kenyans.

Anonymous said...

reading this article in the light of what is happeening at this moment, i would say that Ruto is not as invinsible as you try to potray him. he is a man with a big baggage and many ghosts of corruption and the killings in eldoret hover relentlessly over his being. now that the envelope is to be opened tomorrow, he is still whinning away about nonesencical issues that the violence was triggered by those who stole th elections. Mr Moreno Ocampo is not going to investigate the politics, but the crimes that were commited and Ruto maynot be escaping this! so i beg to differ, me thinks the man won´t be here to see 2011, leave alone 2012. He is destined for the Hague, and when he comes out of jail, we shall be in the fourth age in the univesre.

Anonymous said...

My view in the current kenyan politician takes different path from the commutators that in reality our country is at the verge of collapse and upheavals leave alone Ruto becoming a figure out in 2o12.
To substantiate or rather bring things to every ones figure tips let us look around us-- what is happening in the house(country) and who are the characters involved? Guys wake up and let every individuals finds a formula to safe this country if this not done as a priority number one we shall flew from our beloved country and be a Refugees just like our neighboring country Somalia/Ethiopia/ Sudan