Cecil Miller Fights Back

Press statement on behalf of Cecil Miller with regard to his nomination and subsequent rejection as chairman of the interim independent electoral commission

Several Comments and assertions have been made in Parliament, the Media and Public Forum at large with regard to our client, Cecil Miller's nomination and subsequent rejection by Parliament as the Chairman of the Interim Independent Electoral Commission of Kenya (NEC). It is important that we, on behalf of our said client address some of these issues and put across our client's position and hopefully set the record straight.

The issues are threefold:-

1. Cecil Miller represented Hon. Danson Mungatana in an election petition and would therefore be partisan in the discharge of his office as Chairman of IIEC or that there arises a conflict of interest.

Nothing could be further from the truth. A conflict of interest would only arise if Cecil Miller continued to represent the MP or any other MP or Politician subsequent to his appointment as Chairman. Cecil Miller's relationship with Hon. Mungatana was purely on an Advocate-Client basis and the allegation of bias is unfounded. Moreover, Hon. Mungatana is only one member in Parliament consisting of Two Hundred and Twenty One (221) other members.

It is not therefore possible that with, Cecil Miller as Chairman, only Hon. Mungatana's interests would prevail over those of the entire house. Moreover, the proposed Chairman would have been assisted in his duties by Eight (8) other Commissioners and thousands of support staff making the possibility of bias even more remote. Throughout his legal career, Cecil Miller has represented people from all walks of life, tribe, religion and political persuasion. Does this then mean that he aspires or subscribes to all these interests? We think not.

Indeed, Cecil Miller has represented and continues to represent another member of the Parliamentary Select Committee on the Review of the Constitution (PSC), the Hon. Charity Ngilu. He also represented the so called "ODM Pentagon" in the run up to the 2007 General Elections. Does this mean he would also be biased in their favour? We think not. The allegations of bias were therefore made in bad faith and without full disclosure of these facts which were well within the knowledge of the accuser.

2. Cecil Miller is a wife batterer and cannot therefore hold public office.
This is an allegation that has not been proved. Cecil Miller has never been arrested or charged in any criminal court with the offence of assault or battery of his wife or any other person. An allegation remains just that, until proved by relevant and admissible evidence.

To this extent we urge the Hon. Millie Odhiambo not to hide behind Parliamentary privilege and repeat the same unfortunate and malicious comments outside Parliament in order that the law may take its course. Whereas allegations of battery were made in a divorce case in 2003 in which Cecil Miller was a party, the same were not proved and the Divorce Court did not find him guilty of the allegations. Cecil Miller is currently happily married to Amina Miller.

3. Cecil Miller did not qualify for the job or was not shortlisted for the interview
Cecil Miller applied for the job of the Chairman. He met the criteria set by the PSC. He attended the interviews like any other Candidate and emerged as the successful
candidate. We shall leave it at that.

At the end of the day, the rejection of Cecil Miller by Parliament was not because of his incompetence, bias, lack of integrity or unsubstantiated claims of wife battery. These were just a smokescreen. It was as a result of Political Intrigue, Manipulation and Pure Tribal and Party Politics.

Should the Chairman of the NEC come from mars? We leave that to Kenyans to decide.

Issued at Nairobi this 27th day of February 2009

P. W. Wena & Company Advocates for Cecil Miller

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9 Responses to Cecil Miller Fights Back

Anonymous said...

Cecil Miller indeed ruthlessly battered his ex-wife. While on the subject, he needs to acknowledge that he is a dead beat dad. When was the last time he saw his son? Does he pay child support? Never!!!!!!!!!!! Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Stop the lies!!! Cecil Miller is a wife batterer and is downright evil and sadistic. He belongs in an assylum. Much like his father....

Anonymous said...

This Cecil SOB is an arrogant bastard and i mean it in the true sense of the word. Afterall he is only but a son of a common barmaid who started out as the late CJ's housemaid. He thinks that by clinging to the Miller name he shall gain true fame but the only thing he inherited from Miller apart from his philandering ways is the insanity that runs in the family, it is indeed progressive and will get worse as he ages and soon it will come to light. his forte is buying women and friends and both of these are streaming in and out of his office weekly for their stipends. That somali bitch side dish of his is also another one not content with wrecking another woman's home she has also kept Mr. bastard from seeing his son, so the above statement is false about him not paying for his son's upkeep, he faithfully pays every month but he has no relationship whatsoever with his son and the somali whore brought her whore sister's bastard to instead to take the place of the lost son. this family has questionable genes cos indeed the children have weird looks and appear dirty and snotty all the time. He will leave to regret abandoning his son. Thank God to him not being given high office, he is a wife and girlfriend batterer as many close to him will attest, just ask the friends and family of his women. Cecil who is onassis? ruminate on that as i see where to put more information about your many women you philandering wife beater.

Anonymous said...

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. the above three sound like that.if it didn't work for you guys just let go and let be. the last one sounds like the ex wife or her close friend or a sister....my advice get a life. everyone has a good and bad side its a shame you only brought out the bad in him.

Anonymous said...

Interesting indeed. So this is where the Miller party is at? I have some dirt on miller. Lots of dirt, it's gonna have peeps heads spinning, Mz Amina needs to quit boosting about her husband stilling tacticks, his such a prise and not even you coul keep him faithful, so stop walking around thinking your goods are worth gold, if you know what he has been upto behind your back, you will stop feeling so smag and laughing at Wambui. Lets just say that he has many dependants and leave it at that. Ha!

NDAPNYAM said...

It is in bad taste and dishonourable for all of you to defame Mr Miller in the manner that you have done here. For you to comment on Mr Millers' life means that you have information on him obtained through consanguinity or otherwise. Quite clearly you have either had very proximate relations with him or someone close to him. Whether you are friends, relatives, former spouses or in-laws unreliable, you are unreliable and people of questionable standing. It is understandable for women directly affected, but for grown up men to to gossip...its out of order. This is not the place to air your grievances you had better do that elsewhere.

nyawira said...

Such chicken heads!just plain say it cecil miller has a mistress and children and its jacky. simple.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha

Anonymous said...
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