KCSE Results Class of 2009

This year the KCSE results has been delayed and will be released tomorrow, Tuesday 3rd 2009. Traditionally the KCSE results are released before the end of February.

Unlike other years, the school ranking system will not be used to rank the best schools and only the best candidates listing will be announced.

The school ranking system has been abused by school heads out to improve the mean grades but will be missed by parents since it gave an indication of what good schools are out there. The ranking also gave parents an indication of how their children will perform going by historical mean grade trends of the secondary schools where their kids are enrolled.

Candidates can check their results online by visiting the Kenya National Examinations Council website www.examscouncil.or.ke

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8 Responses to KCSE Results Class of 2009

Anonymous said...

please release the results online and the text messages are not efficient and convenient to give out the results.

alkip said...

cool. but these guys need to do something about the speed of online access to results

Anonymous said...

I think this is unfair because we are left in darkness not knowing which school has performed better.Us as parents it boosts our morale as we are in a position to know what and how others are and have performed.

Anonymous said...

what happened to the site below?


I think it gave Kenyans some quality experience in 2008 as far as checking results was concerned

Anonymous said...

I cant find my KCSE result after login my index no. could you assist please if there is any other website other than www.examscouncil.or.ke

Anonymous said...

you lot think you are clever but here in USA we think we are better tan all you lot
what cleverst 89 wow out of 100
you lot must be dumb

Anonymous said...

wow i have than better than i thought

Anonymous said...

The website is down:(