What is Wrong With Raila Odinga?

Actually, nothing is wrong with the prime minister, he is just staying true to himself, his colours and character.

One year on, he has realised that he was screwed up on the national accord. Some of us knew and said so once he signed the national accord, but peace and the trappings of power were paramount then. The illusion of executive prime minister was so strong that noone thought he would spend his first year of premiership fighting the likes of Kalonzo Musyoka, Francis Muthaura and Alfred Mutua for totalitarian political control.

Raila Odinga is itching for a fight in the name of renegotiating the national accord. His insatiable thirst for power, which we all possess, cannot be restrained any longer. We sympathise with him and Kenyans since we know there is a probability he would have faired better in building his family empire and that of many a Kenyan families were he not robbed of the presidency by Kibaki.

There is almost a guarantee that Kenya under Kibaki is going in a certain direction and very fast at that. Interestingly, that direction is not in the highway of vision 2030, poverty eradication, millennium goals and such non-Makerere fancy economic terms. It possibly could be in the direction of 1970s Kenyan heydays or prior (the pre-1963’s) when Kibaki was a successful Minister and a promising Kenyan “Professor of Economis” as Daniel Arap Moi was Kenya’s “Professor of Politics”. What is wrong with taking 2009 Kenya to the 1970s, everything was bliss and beautiful then?

Back to Raila, nothing in the power structure will change and he just has to work with the little he has. He has to be content with no conjugal rights and sleeping on the sofa, for he is neither ready for separation nor a divorce and give up the sweet luxuries and convenience of staying in his current mansion and expansive loot. His other partner is cold and psychologically abusive and in his true self may not care about the rumblings in the house or the coming tsunami. He has nothing to lose.

In Raila’s country, Kenyans are supposed to attend their tribes after their names after which your political standing is assumedly made and which table you sit for dinner is assigned. In his latest theatrics even the military and police should be bound by their tribal affiliations, just in case there is a coup, the numerics are appropriately tilted.

Raila has mastered the obsession with foreigners. From John Kuffuor, Koffi Annan, Harambee stars coach, the Kenya we want key speakers, hiring a foreign ECK commissioner proposal to calling the FBI to investigate Oscar Foundation officials murder, the trend is worrying. While foreigners could be for the betterment of our Kenyan situation, it is worrying that Raila is not keen to explore Kenya talents and solutions and does not seem have faith in Kenyans building a better Kenya for themselves.

If Kenya continued being a colonial state instead of gaining independence in 1963, we would probably be a near-first world country in the league of South Africa and the 1990 Zimbabwe. But there was a reason why the unsophisticated Kenyan natives then traded all that propensity to prosper to having their own sons and daughters run the affairs of their nation and handle their crisis. Jomo Kenyatta may have propagated neo-colonialism for lack of faith in Kenyans and for personal gain, it will be sad and diabolical if Raila perfected it.

Raila was a darling of Kenyans for being anti-establishment and for propelling the course of the oppressed against the land grabbers, public coffers looters and corrupt regime. He is however loosing the trust of Kenyans and his support is waning for Kenyans are slowly not differentiating him from Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki.

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3 Responses to What is Wrong With Raila Odinga?

Anonymous said...

Greatly it believed that an empty debe makes the loudest noise,and the stillness of the river always leaves the swimmer with suscipicion.this are respective comparison between raila and kibaki,the old man is quiet,quite smart since he know that he still have the powers and will always out smart Raila.Kenyan politics have been come so common that even when a child urinates on himself the primier and the like will still potray how the government have failed and politicise the whole issue .The governing duties does not need sympathy from the common man.The politics of sympathy is what i will term as Raila's football,awaiting for the whistle to the maize ,to migingo island,to unga,to muthaura ,to mutua,to extrajudicial killings,to grand regency to everything literaly that lowers a primier to mwananchi wa kawaida.sympathising with kenyan on issues he himself shoul instead handle to solve without shifting blames like opposition.The foreign orientation on Annan.Kuffor,Kikwete,Rice FBI's tell us definatly that if he was the president Obama would rule both Kenya and the USA.
Africa needs politics for development,i think it's time the african politics stops enlarging the bellys but eradicate the malnutrition in africa every aspect of life.
This space was for raila
they say a maize has it's own trushing session.

Anonymous said...

Your story at first seems have direction and intelligence but as you have said, your direction cater for only refresh of post-election violence, we have such comment, UPGRADE--->> "We sympathise with him and Kenyans since we know there is a probability he would have faired better in building his family empire and that of many a Kenyan families were he not robbed of the presidency by Kibaki."

By Othis.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans are used to impunity to very great heights that it is even affecting their reasoning.A Raila presidency, will in a resonable timespan turn this country's culture to a democraticised one so either relieve urselves or forever remain believing that government is where people grab and nothing should be said about it or else we stand to know who 'HIS or HER PEOPLE' are.