Lemuel Mwangi: What a Government?

I am not entirely surprised that the Kenyan government, even after the worst woes of murders in the hands of the Mungiki, remains adamant to this malignant tumor that is hastily growing in central Kenya. When words of condemnation came from the top floor of the Treasury and Finance building, I did not in the least expect more, for the same word are repeated as soon as some Kenyans are dead. “Condemning violence in the strongest terms possible” has formed a stanza in the political songs of a forgotten nation, the verbal aspect of the PM remaining only, and always, a verbal myth. The house on the hill is worst placed, having not even had the immediate reaction or sentence of re-assurance to residents who lost loved ones even though a senior most Kenyan is from a few tenths of miles away.

Murders have now become an obsession in the minds of Kenyans, a mythical rhetoric that sits under the tables of an ignorant government. How right would I be to think that anarchy is slowly inhibiting the future of our nation? While the security docket is as worse as being non-existent, the justice one is on the quits for the search of greener pastures. How greedy? Other do not take the chance for granted and want some new elections for them to elected even though they are currently sleeping on their jobs. What make us think that they will not get an extra blanket on electing them back? All these are happening in the high office while poor citizens are almost dehydrated after bucketfuls of tears.

You might wonder what is the most popular characteristic in Kenyan politicians. Well, all have binocular eyes in as long as there is an election coming in a century. Don’t you hear them announce in public that they will run for presidency in the year 2100? Let me remind them that in hell-or heaven for the lucky few- the top seat is forever booked. If politics is a dirty game, so are the players. Even after conferencing an overloaded cabinet, they still can’t figure out who or what ‘Mungiki’ is. No condemnation has ever brought back a life.

Let’s think of this. Two activists are shot dead in a public road; not even a lone policeman to prevent the murder. What is more traumatizing is that the government can afford to send a whole battalion of officers to guard a funeral. What a bad show?

I have a dream, that one day, Kenyans will have a president who will govern with humane intellect, a government that will stand for the people, minister who will not sell public grains, minister who will not sell public property, politicians who will play clean politics, and MPs who will not remain vague images in the minds of the electorate.

Let Kenyans know that ‘wars begin at will but do not end at pleasure’. Right now, the administration is just too compromising –or comprised- with the Mungiki terror gang, I only have to wonder how many of the senior administrators have taken the dreadful oath to sit and watch while Kenyans are being slaughtered. If we let the mountain of terror grow, it might be impossible to move it.

By lemuel Mwangi

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