Kibaki, Raila Arrest Maasai Youths for Tree Planting

During a tree planting day this week at Kona Baridi near Ngong, Kibaki and Raila had youths arrested in nearby townships of Kiserian and Ongata Rongai, then ferried to the tree planting site in police trucks and had them plant trees and listen to their speeches.

The tree planting session lasted was for a short period of time compared to the time allocated for speeches.

Fortunately, the youths were paid for their services and ferried back to their respective towns.

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3 Responses to Kibaki, Raila Arrest Maasai Youths for Tree Planting

Anonymous said...

is "arrested" the proper term to use here considering that they were paid for their services? Did the police really go around, capture and arrest the children, or was pay understood beforehand? Do you know?

siRKen said...

At the point of arrest, the victims did not know where they were being taken nor that they would be paid for whatever services. They thought it is another case of arbitrary arrest for loitering

Anonymous said...

You are inciting the readers of this message, that is wrong. ARRESTED is not the word to use. We are all fed up with this government but give the devil its due. Blessings.