Mutula Kilonzo and Njeru Githae will not achieve anything for Kenyans

After they fought for consultations rights, Kibaki and Raila has filled the position of Minister for Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs which was left vacant when Gichugu MP, Martha Karua left in a huff.

They have appointed the smooth-talking grand-day-dreamer, Hon Mutula Kilonzo an ODM-Kenya MP for Mbooni constituency. Mutula is a lawyer of "great repute" turned politician. Great repute is in quotes for he made his way and wealth in Kenyan corridors of justice during Moi days when justice was available to the highest bidder. He is one of those painters who worked tirelessly to whitewash the black Nyayo era. Of course, he was paid his dues for a job well done in line with the legal profession requirements. Nothing criminal, he would say.

Mutula Kilonzo is a beneficiary of the much talked about direly-needing-reforms justice system. He cannot touch the justice system that catapulted him to where he is and cannot crucify his friends still embroiled in that old order. He will talk big and even have a helicopter ride across the Kenyan justice system but cannot poke the dragon that nursed him even with a ten-foot pole. Other than building castles in the already hopeless Kenyan air, expect nothing much from the so-called state counsel.

The legal reforms race Kenya record is held by Kiraitu Murungi who tried to run the race but never got to the finishing line after he started staggering and laughing noisily off the track. Martha Karua was a passing cloud and I cannot recall anything good for the ordinary Kenyan attributable to her stint at the justice ministry other than entrenching the status quo. Mutula Kilonzo will be a hit and run case at best.

Crumbs in the form of Metropolitan Ministry Minister from the high table of Harambee house has also been thrown to a pretending Lazarus in the name of Njeru Githae. He is an opportunistic politician from Ndia and a member of Martha Karua's Narc Kenya. I can almost guarantee that he has no idea what a metropolitan is. The best he can do is advise Nairobians on improving their eating habits by making a meal of the rats that infest city markets like Marikiti, Kangemi and Muthurwa. Not to downplay his imagination, he could come up with a recipe for the roaches that roam in many a Nairobians kitchens at night.

What a waste of Kenyan public money. Why not give prime minister Raila Odinga the jobs of running the justice and metropolitan ministy, he would have done a better job than these two jokers, at least on TV.

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3 Responses to Mutula Kilonzo and Njeru Githae will not achieve anything for Kenyans

Anonymous said...

I am not commenting on this silly, vacuous post.
But just wanted to ask people out there if anyone has a link to video (or something)of Githae's infamous outburst encouraging drought-stricken, starving people to diversify diets to please share it.

siRKen said...

Well, you did comment. Maybe youtube can help

Mweupe said...


Fastforward 2 years later - July 2011.

Would you still vouch for the PM to run the 2 dockets now (Justice&Const; Metropolitan)?

Judging from the recent budgetary allocation 2011/2012 for Metropolitan expansion (JKIA,Ruiru,Thika,Limuru Offshoot Railway + funds for completion of phase 1 overpasses, etc) and the milestone that was the 1st ever public Nairobi City hall budget (2011/2012) projecting growth of revenue for nairobi city council, I suspect the metropolis planning unit is finally being heard. And treasury does support (with figures) the noble vision2030 compatible planning initiatives.

As for the Justice Ministry, there seems to be a new trend (albeit prompted by the newly promulgated Constituton) where Mutula seems to be more overshadowed, reactive and chasing after Charles Nyachae's Const Implementation Committee, rather than being proactive and positively influence speedy issuance to parliament of the pending 17 or so new bills (esp. concerning the boundary matching/amalgamation of future constituencies). This would be more worthy on his part in order to avert social discontentment and multiple constituency identity crisis in June 2012.

Rather (than place RAO in charge of the 2 ministries) I would accede to an arrangement where performing ministry teams are granted a distinctive award (that would be regionally recognised), and PM can rightfully publicise this coz he's good in publicity.