Nairobi Star: Corridors of Power Political Gossip

Some ODM members are worried that failure by President Barack Obama to meet his distant cousin Prime Minister Raila Odinga may impact negatively on the perception that the party has 'connections' to the White House. They claim that ODM has done nothing wrong to warrant its party leader being denied a chance to wine and dine with the world's most powerful leader with Kenyan roots.

We hear State House was on fire two weeks ago after The Star published a story of how Othaya councillors were locked out of a hotel in Nyeri town, where their MP, President Kibaki, was enjoying lunch after a tour of the constituency. Some members of the First Family asked certain civil servants why the councillors were locked out. It seems the incident has ruffled some feathers in the Big House on the Hill as the Othaya civic leaders express their unhappiness.

An MP from Central Kenya was heard "talking badly" about a PNU minister from the region. The man, who is not known for being discreet, was overheard describing the senior minister from the region, with whom they share constituency boundary, as a "walking corpse".

We understand Justice minister Mutula Kilonzo has tasked a team of lawyers to study the decision by Parliament to nullify the appointment of retired Justice Aaron Ringera as the executive director of he Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission. Mutula has told the team to report back to him by early this week for him to take an appropriate decision.

Where did a female Cabinet minister from Rift Valley take the money she was given on Tuesday night by a vocal minister from the region to distribute to some politicians in the region? Corridor was shocked yesterday when one MP shouted at another in Parliament Buildings: "You ate our money but you did not fulfill your side of the bargain"

The wife of a prominent Kajiado politician has now declined to send pocket money to her husband after they differed over a political decision taken by the politician recently. We are told the man who used to distribute dollars to his constituents during the last general elections has now turned into a beggar. He has been frequenting Parliament Buildings where he solicits for handouts from MPs.

We told you that Mutito MP Kiema Kilonzo's bid for presidency is stealthily gaining momentum. On Monday, a group of Kamba professionals numbering about 200 met at a Lukenya Hills outpost where prospects and strategies of his bid were extensively discussed.

The unceremonious and abrupt transfer of a top crime buster in Kawangware has set tongues wagging that despite a change of leadership, the police force remains the same. The man was transferred to Meru after he "got into trouble" by arresting two sons of a prominent Westlands politician who were found peddling drugs and smoking bhang.

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