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why are Lup MPs giving assistant minister Orwa Ojode the cold shoulder? We are told the MPs from the lake region are suspicious of the Ndhiwa MP whom they say is planning to start a campaign for the political separation of Southern Nyanza from the Central Nyanza regions.

A top level Cabinet minister who was equally influential in the former Nyayo regime reportedly owed Sh260 million in tax arrears and the KRA attached his salary for the entire five years which he served in the last Parliament. When the man was re-elected t to Parliament, the KRA lifted the attachment but a few months ago, the taxman wrote to the minister reminding him that he still had arrears to pay.

Three South Rift MPs were over-heard criticizing a senior Cabinet minister from the North Rift whom they accused of using them to further his own political ambition. The MPs accused the man, who holds a senior party position of "finishing" them through his recent political manipulations and have now vowed "not to be drawn into any of his "selfish schemes."

An assistant minister from Ukambani is very angry with two Cabinet ministers from the region whom he suspects of plotting to bring him down politically. The assistant minister from ODM-K reportedly wept accusing the two ministers of carrying out a personal vendetta against him. The man has since refused to pick up calls from the two ministers who are hoping to seek reconciliation for the sake of the party's unity.

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