Ross Kemp of Sky TV Investigates the Dreaded Mungiki Sect in Kenya

A very intriguing look at the Mungiki sect in Kenya by Ross Kemp, a Sky TV journalist weeks after the post election violence. This happens during the disappearance of Maina Njenga's wife together with his driver. Maina Njenga is the spiritual leader of the sect and allegedly controls the Mungiki like an emperor. Their tortured and mutilated bodies were discovered two days later.

He manages to interview some of the key leaders of the group and attends a night-oathing ceremony. It would have been interesting if he had interviewed Maina Njenga in prison and also Mungiki leader convert now pastor Ndura Waruinge.

Not only does he look at the allegations of violence within the group, he also looks at the angle of income generation within the sect especially at the Dandora dumpsite, the kwekwe squad annihilation attempt of the sect among other aspects of the sect.

For once, he interviews a passionate female Mungiki leader who owns up to female circumcision within the group.

Ross Meets Mungiki The Leader

Ross meets the founding member and acting Mungiki leader Charles Ndungu at the birthplace of the movement in Kenya’s Central Highlands. Only days after Ross’ return from Kenya, Ndungu was killed after gunmen fired 17 bullets into his vehicle during a high-speed chase.

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