A Thought on Major Hussein Ali Replacement as Police Commissioner by Mathew Iteere

Kibaki has for once controlled the political agenda and debate in Kenya for over a month now. The media, other politicians (especially Parliament) and the Kenyan public is playing catching up. Mwai Kibaki is proving to be a marathoner and is tiring the patience of everyone else. He has kept his ODM "enemies" very close. He is actually having a field day. One wonders whether the Kenyan courts or parliament aka Kenneth Marende will really manage to spoil the party.

For the last month it has all been about Justice AaronRingera and Major Hussein Ali. The former police commissioner has since been replaced by Mathew Iteere. Major Hussein Ali is now the Postmaster General. This change is ostensibly meant to pave way for the much touted police reforms. Whether there will actually be satisfactory police reforms is another matter altogether.

As calls flooded FM stations, where Kenyans vent and lust, one comment summed up the whole debate for me, "Kenya has not done much with the change of guard at Kenya police, we have just been made to exit the gents and enter the ladies!"

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