Hon Dr Bishop Margaret Wanjiru on K24 Jeff Koinange Bench

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru of Jesus is Alive Ministries (JIAM) and MP for Starehe has been in the news headlines of late. This is mainly due to her linkage with the spiritual leader of the dreaded outlawed sect in Kenya - The Mungiki - Archbishop Maina Njenga. Maina Njenga was recently released from prison after charges against him and several Mungiki adherents were dropped. They were charged with planning and executing the Mungiki massacre in Mathira earlier on in the year. Maina Njenga has since gotten born again and in his own words stopped worshipping the god of a community to worshipping the God of the universe.

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru won the battle for Maina Njenga's religious affiliation as there were several church leaders who were dying to have Maina Njenga among their flock. She is rumoured to have presidential ambitions in 2012 and having Maina Njenga as a member of her church gives her a headway for the 2012 presidential race, so it is assumed. Bishop Margaret Wanjiru is also the Assistant Minister for Housing and an OD MP for Starehe.

Maina Njenga was released from King'ong'o Maximum prison on Friday 23rd October 2009.

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru was interviewed by Jeff Koinange on his Capital Talk show in K24 TV station on Monday, 26th October 2009.

On how she learnt of Maina Njenga's release: I was in the office performing duties of an Assistant Minister for housing when I got a call that Maina Njenga has been released from King'ong'o prison and was headed for our Church in Nairobi. When I went there to meet him, he told me he wanted to be sure he has been saved. After talking to him in the office, we realised there were so many young people in the church and we had to talk to them.

Is Maina genuine: Yes I have no doubt. I have been in his shoes where people doubt you. I came from satanism and witchcraft and many doubted me. We must accept what God is doing and receive our young men and women back to the church. God cannot be mocked and Kenyans cannot mock God. I have dealt with militia before - the Taliban - and they are now changed after denouncing their ways. On the skepticism especially in Central province, Wanjiru says that the parents in Central province should realise that they have failed and should take this opportunity to help the young men and women reform.

Why Jiam: Many religions and church leaders had visited Njenga in prison. Wanjiru herself visited Maina Njenga in Prison. She attributes Maina choice of Jiam church to a prophecy God gave them in new years eve celebrations that the church will be used to transform many young people. She also attributes this to her listening and understanding attitude.

Are they going to use JIAM to get into politics: I am full of wisdom and discernment. Do I look like somebody that can be used? Many thought I would not make it in politics and still be a preacher. I am a better preacher than I was before I joined politics. These kids are genuine. The way they scrambled for Bibles shows it all. 200 bibles were bought on Sunday. Maina Njenga bought 100 Bibles and my son 100 Bibles each contributing Kshs 35,000. Government and church should use this opening to change the youth e.g. in the matatu industry where they control. They should give the youth meaningful employement and give them economic empowerment.

Her background: Brought by the mother. Father was a drunkard. Mother a domestic worker in Westlands. Lived a very poor life. Two teenage pregancies led her to a housegirls' job. She later hawked earings then got a job as a toilet cleaner in industrial area. Went to college for a sales course while still in Industrial area. She was later promoted to washing cars. She later cleaned offices and stores. Then went into sales then into management. Wanjiru says she introduced and promoted Marlboro cigarettes. She has been a single parent all along. She got a higher diploma and was promoted to a marketing executive. She disagreed with her marketing manager, resigned and got involved in an NGO management. She then went into business where also got entangled in satanism and witchcraft. When very wealthy she got saved, but had to start from zero. She became a street preacher in Aga Khan walk. After this JIAM was started. Jesus appeared to him in a room and wrote on the wall 'Jesus is Alive Ministries' and drew a cross with his finger. Taken to heaven by Jesus for a vision for nine hours and taught the Bible by Jesus, specifically the books of Nehemiah and Luke.

Does it mean that Maina has renounced Mungiki: The man is born again! We have been sending him messages while in prison. I have talked to him that he should not expect to lead the church straightaway. That he needs to take time and grow in the men ministry of the church with other men and God will show him what next.

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Anonymous said...

Is the video online? I hope Mungiki transformation is real

Moses Wagura said...

God works in ways not known to man......bw still&know that He is God!!