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The heat generated by the upcoming Ford-Kenya elections has reportedly raised concerns over Saboti MP Eugene Wamalwa's safety. We are told that in the last few days the first-time MP has been taking measures to protect himself after he received threatening calls from unknown people warning him of "dire consequences."

We are told that the gates to Mombasa State House have been reinforced with heavy steel and concrete to stop uninvited guests from forcing their way through. Apart from the steel reinforced bars at the gate, the concrete wall surrounding the building has also been raised.

Njenga Maina, the self-styled leader of the Mungiki who suddenly has become popular with the media, reportedly played host to some high-ranking government officials at his Kitengela home. Whoever they are remains unknown, for now.

From Nyanza, voters of a certain constituency seem to have lost faith in their globe-trotting legislator. They accuse the MP of spending too much time abroad on personal and parliamentary duties at their expense. They are now planning to install a "shadow MP" to act when the elected legislator is out of the country.

Oburu Oginga, the elder brother of the Prime Minister, may have thought that by declaring Musa Sirma "tosha" recently during a ceremony to admit Sirma as a Tugen elder, he was doing his younger brother a big favour. But MPs from Nyanza are unhappy with his action and have accused him of giving the PM bad advice. We are yet to establish what "bad advise" Oburu gave.

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