The Star: Start Crackdown on Corruption from Top

In his Kenyatta Day speech President Kibaki ordered Permanent Secretaries to sack any civil servants who engage in corruption.

Kibaki directed the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission and the Attorney General to institute 'effective' investigations and prosecute corrupt officials.

These are fine words but they will be received with scepticism by most members of the public who have seen huge corruption scandals go unpunished.

Apart from a few resignations, no-one has been punished for the Anglo-Leasing scandals that cost Kenya Sh65 billion six years ago.

The Serious Fraud Office in Britain conducted a series of coordinated raids two years ago and confiscated files front those behind Anglo-Leasing. But the Kenya government says it is legally disallowed from receiving this information. Isn't this just a convenient excuse?

Now the shadowy foreign suppliers behind Anglo-Leasing are about to be paid off.

Nine months ago, Yagnesh Devani of Triton fled Kenya after a Sh.9.5 billion swindle at Kenya Pipeline. Why has he not been extradited from Ahmedabad where he is living in India?

Yes, corruption must be fought at all levels of society. But the government should first show it is serious by reopening the Anglo-Leasing files and by putting Devani in jail.

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