Lemuel Mwangi: Dreams of the Fading Moonlight - Doom in the Morning of Know How

I must have woken up to a day of doom headlines in the Kenyan Media. Just out of curiosity to know how the national cake is baking, I tugged my way in to the online newspaper. Things were not so good looking. My first instincts would have been overcooking but least to my expectations, some were already having bites of the hardly cooked cake.

I have always loved good videos about Kenya. Today was a different case, just a horrific show of how expensive Kenyan security is, the unlikely unique day of business, not duty, for the traffic officers. Well, it seems the cost of driving ends up fueling security forces more than at the petrol pump. Questions are bound to arise as to what the ‘anti-corruption’ men will do with the money. An evening beer? Just a few days ago and they even won’t decide who should lead the ‘Aunt- Corruption’ agency. Let navigates another section.

Every time I thought of boxing, I saw Mike Tyson at the ring. Today, both the ring and the boxer are not the usual view. “Kenya Diplomats fight at the London post”. Who wins? Not yet!! The fight is not yet over. Kibaki says this, Wetangula that, Muchemi that other one. Who is the true teller? I do not know and maybe I do not think there is.

Now that diplomacy is on the headline, things are just not agreeable. It seems like the best PHD in Kenya is a brother or sister in Government. Odinga, the “mouth piece icon” of democracy- a different kind of democracy. Mr. PM. May I ask what your sister is doing in Los Angeles? I guess she is on Vacation. True? I'll bet my vote on it.

Ministries in Kenya are always the best; at least each has a money locator ladder. Can any of the big guys define IDP? I will define it for the “In Deep Problems” Elonino is coming. The poor folks cannot afford a minute to cheer you while you fight over what belongs to them. I wish you were concentrating on getting a roof over the people in the cold.

I am not done yet, not before commenting on the Kenyan version of the Swine flu. This is a plague though. The cart is infront of the horse in form 4. Just how do the KCSE papers get to the students way before the examination. Can someone give some insight, preferably the Education minister?

Am I a Kenyan just because my birth certificate says so? This identity proves embarrassing for the many Kenyans like me who are residing abroad. We carry the flag high but the attention has since sized from being welcoming.

There is much to be done!!!

By Lemuel Mwangi.

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