Njuguna dodged trap before Luthuli bullet - By Star Reporters

TWO days before he was shot dead, Mungiki spokesman Njuguna Gitau reportedly escaped a trap in the Nairobi city centre that may have claimed the lives of two of his companions.

Njuguna headed the Kenya Youth Alliance, the political wing of Mungiki. He was shot dead on Luthuli Avenue on Thursday, November 5.

The 32-year-old father of three will be buried today at his father's home in Ngoriba in Thika.

Sources who spoke on condition of anonymity said Njuguna was invited to a meeting on November 3 on the 10th floor of International Life House by unknown people.

When they got there, they found the floor was empty because it had been vacated by the previous tenant.

Njuguna then left his four companions and went downstairs to check with the Centre for Multiparty Democracy offices on the 6th floor.

He was advised by staff that the floor where the meeting was supposed to take place was unoccupied and he left immediately.

Human rights activist Njeri Kabeberi of the CMD yesterday confirmed that Njuguna had visited their offices to seek information about the meeting place.

The four companions who were with him have reportedly vanished.

International Life House has a police post with CCTV coverage of every floor.

On November 11, the BuruBuru police division delivered to the City Mortuary five unidentified bodies.

An attendant at the mortuary, who declined to be named, said the bodies belonged to Mungiki members who had been gunned down by the police in Dandora estate.

However the Star viewed the bodies and established that two victims had their eyes gouged out, which is not consistent with a shoot-out with thieves.

Another body had a deep cut on the head while another two had bullet wounds on their heads and abdomen.

Yesterday, police spokesman Erick Kiraithe declined to comment.

Kiraithe said investigations were underway and that he was not privy to the proceedings.

Police commissioner Mathew Iteere has denied media reports that Njuguna was gunned down by the police. Iteere told a press conference last week that investigations into the killings were ongoing.

After Njuguna left International Life House on November 3, he attended another meeting with five clergymen at Jacob Wells school in Rongai.

Returning later that day, Njuguna was shot at by people in a white Toyota Corolla as his taxi approached Museum Hill roundabout, according to a Mungiki source.

Former Kabete MP Paul Muite, last week claimed in a sworn affidavit that Njuguna told him at a goat-eating ceremony in Kitengela that police had warned him that he and Maina Njenga would soon be killed.

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