Police must find Njuguna killers - The Star

KENYA Youth Alliance leader Gitau Njuguna is due to be buried today in Thika. He was shot dead by gunmen on Luthuli Avenue on November 12. Police have hotly denied claims that Kwekwe Squad, or its successors, was responsible.

The rumours have arisen because Njuguna was the spokesman of Mungiki, the banned sect that is heavily involved in extortion rackets. Police regularly shoot dead criminals who they say are Mungiki.

But Njuguna's is a more sensitive case. His Kenya Youth Alliance represented the social reform wing of Mungiki, rather than its criminal wing. With an estimated two million members countrywide, an open war with Mungiki would be a high-risk strategy.

Now evidence has emerged that several companions of Njuguna went missing just before his murder and their bodies may be in the City Mortuary. They allegedly went missing in International Life House which is covered by police CCTV cameras.

The police may indeed be trying to clean up its act. The police indeed may not be responsible for Njuguna's death, contrary to popular opinion.

But the way to convince the public is to investigate, arrest and prosecute the culprits.

And the public has not yet seen much evidence of that.

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