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We hear two Cabinet ministers who believe their names are in the secret envelope of key perpetrators of the post-election violence are now working behind the scenes to ensure speedy passage of a Bill that seeks to create a local tribunal once Parliament reopens on Tuesday. The ministers are shocked at the zeal with which ICC prosecutor Louis Moreno Ocampo has taken up the matter and are scared stiff that he may issue warrants of arrest against them.

Corridors of Power has it that an officer at the Ngong Police Station is engaging in open corruption and impunity. The cop, attached to the Traffic Department, has been going around the town on Saturday evenings arbitrarily impounding vehicles parked on the streets and accusing the owners of obstruction. Anyone whose vehicle is impounded is expected to pay a Sh1,000 bribe to have it released, no charge and no record of the alleged offence!

Remember the MP from Nyanza who is at loggerheads with his wife after spending in his election campaigns Sh20 million which was given to her by donors to establish a home for orphans? Well, the donors have decided to take part of the MP's home compound where they are now putting up the orphanage. The MP was initially using a building in the compound as a guest house before finally moving in.

And still in Nyanza, another broke MP is struggling to clear the bills he ran up at a popular and high-class hotel in Kisumu. The legislator has now been forced to spend his nights in one of the low-class hotels after managers at the classy joint refused him the right of admission until he clears his outstanding bills. The MP has taken to spending his days and nights in Kisumu instead of travelling to his constituency because he does not want to meet with the constituents!

Some leaders of civil society groups are going around asking donors not to fund the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission led by ambassador Bethwel Kiplagat because "it lacks credibility". We hear some of the activists are so determined to derail the commission that they have been quietly meeting donors who were initially willing to fund the commission and made some of them hold back their money until they "consult further."

Speaking of civil society, there is division among its members over whether to support the enactment of a law which would force each organisation to declare and account for all the money given by donors. A section of the civil society claims their colleagues practice double standards — demanding, indeed pushing for the government to be transparent, accountable and observe good governance practices while they remain obtuse, opaque and dictatorial in their organisations.

Just when does the mandate of the "elders" appointed by Justice minister Mutula Kilonzo end? The team led by Justice Effie Owuor and political scientist Prof Peter Wanyande has been operating under Mutula's ministry for months now. Initially, it was expected that they will stop their activities once the National Cohesion Commission was formed and sworn in. The commission has been in office for more than a month but the "elders" are still in office and continue to draw allowances. They are now pushing to have the government release Sh100 million so that they can organise a national elders conference! To rub salt into the wound, Mutula's "elders" want the national cohesion commissioners to attend the conference as participants!

Eldoret businessman Jackson Kibor was early yesterday spotted in PM Raila's office at The Treasury. Our moles say Kibor was carrying an old briefcase full of documents which formed the basis of the discussion with the PM. Kibor who is said to have fallen out with minister Ruto is said to be working on a new political arrangement with Raila.

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