Time to endorse Football Kenya and Sack Hey - The Star

HARAMBEE Stars were finally bundled out of contention for the Africa Cup of Nations in January when they were beaten by Nigeria 3-2 on Saturday. They are also out of next year's World Cup in South Africa.

Kenya played gallantly on Saturday and were leading at half time, despite being abandoned by their petulant coach Antoine Hey.

Their Saturday performance shows Kenya is still capable of successfully challenging Africa's leading football nations.

The players did it without Hey. That shows that foreign coaches on astronomical salaries are not the answer to making the Harambee Stars world-beaters.

What is needed is good management without political interference. Abundant local coaching talent is undermined by frustration, poor pay and infighting between the national football bodies and government.

Government should now terminate Hey's Shim per month contract as he has not delivered.

But the problems facing Kenyan football are bigger than Hey. In particular the rivalry between Fifa-recognised Football Kenya and the Kenya Football Federation needs to be decisively resolved.

Government should follow Fifa and formally recognize FKL as being in charge of Kenya football, and then step back and stop interfering.

Otherwise Kenya has no chance of getting to the 2014 World Cup.

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