Welcome to the New Order Party of Kenya

New Order Party of Kenya strives to represent the aspirations of the Mwananchi. Over post independence history, the country has been governed and ruled by winner takes it all regimes. This culture has led to enormous in equalities amongst and within the communities. Increasingly this has resulted to underdevelopment, disharmony amongst and within communities, tribalism and its accompanying vices and grand corruption.

Fair and equitable distribution of resources and opportunities provides the only avenue to inculcate patriotism amongst Kenyans. This has a direct result of empowering the Kenyans from the grassroots upwards with the net result of each person claiming a stake in the country.

Lack of sacrifice in leadership has been a key characteristic of the previous and current leadership. As a result lack of patriotism has led to all Kenyans in the leadership refuse to participate in the baking of the national cake. The leadership has only succeeded positioning themselves in the eating of the cake. The monies collected are increasingly used in wages and pecks satisfaction rather than in the development. The resultant order hinders the rate of development due to lack of basic infrastructure and overall poor governance.

NOPE has resolved to be in tune with the strongest urgings of our people so as to ensure that we remain their champions - not only as a liberation movement but in the rebuilding of our land after long spell of opportunistic capitalist defilements.

NOPE shall be constantly reviewing the effectiveness of our structures at all levels so as to face the world with continuing vigour and success. All members must examine their actions to ensure that they fit into the pattern set by the institutions of the NOPE.

The strength of NOPE lies squarely on its members. Each has a monumental role to play. This constitution document defines the character and the overall nature of our organisation. NOPE members’ diverse and collective contribution shall define the success of NOPE, as we must move towards Kenya Vision 2030.


Lawrence Kamau Macharia

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