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An assistant minister from Western Kenya behaved badly in the corridors of Parliament on Wednesday when he attempted to hit on a female colleague from Central Province. The man loudly proclaimed that the woman "is mine". He was taken aback when the Central MP did not take kindly to his joshing and put him in his place by giving him a tongue lashing and warning him of dire consequences if he continued with the joke' which she did not welcome.

Some MPs have turned a wealthy Cabinet minister from Rift Valley into their ATM machine. The three MPs from Nairobi, Rift Valley and North Eastern are said to go to the minister's office every Friday where they collect Sh50,000 for unspecified services.

A policeman at Central Police station is confessing to have killed 80 people since he joined a notorious hit squad whose existence police authorities, and even the Internal Security minister George Saitoti, insist does not exists. The policeman has on several occasions been overheard bragging in bars that he has met and even exceeded his target as a member of the squad which is responsible for felling some of the people police have on their Most Wanted List.

The trend of staying in a hotel to avoid pesky constituents who are always expecting a handout seems to be catching on. We are now told that an MP from Central has been booking himself into a suite of rooms at Oustpan Hotel in Nyeri whenever he travels to attend to issues in his constituency. After a flying visit to 'look at development' the man retreats to his suite, away from the reach of the hoi polloi and their incessant need for handouts!

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