Dr Juma Mukhwana: Eugene Wamalwa has made his Point

As young members of the Kenyan society, I would like to say that Eugene Wamalwa has a significant point in declaring that he would like to vie for the presidency of Kenya.

While his steps may not be steady, those condemning him better hold his horses.

Kenyan politics today requires new, fresh and untainted individuals.

I am appalled at how Kenyans claim that they want good leadership and turn round and support corrupt and dynastic individuals who have perfected the art of cheating Kenyans into voting for them.

All Kenyans wishing to galvanize support for their presidency be given an opportunity to do so.

Off late I have sensed a trend where people wanting to look for leadership in Kenya are getting criminalized. Nobody was born to lead Kenya at the exclusion of others.

I also think that Kenyans are being taken for a ride by people who will talk about William Ruto being associated with YK92 only when he supports Eugene Wamalwa or someone else or declares his own intentions to run for the presidency; but the same cannot be mentioned when Ruto supported Raila in 2007. Are we being fair as a society?..

I have also heard people condemning the so called KKK for being a tribal outfit yet we all know the ODM and even PNU were and remain a tribal outfits having been formed along the same lines.

Kenyans will only get good leadership when they stop cheating themselves and each other and face the truth as it is. There was nobody who was born to lead Kenyans at the exclusion of other people.

I would like to urge that Eugene Wamalwa be allowed to sell his policies just like others before him have been allowed to do and then we can judge him on his own merit.

Dr Juma Mukhwana

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2 Responses to Dr Juma Mukhwana: Eugene Wamalwa has made his Point

Anonymous said...

I do support Dr. Mukhwana that time is now ripe for young blood to be injected into the leadership of our beloved nation Kenya.Let those doubting Eugine Wamalwa know that nothing big begins with nothing.The point here is that while our political grand father have never allowed a single space to allow innovativeness and new ideas. This is the reasaon why we feel that let the young people create their own space if the elderly are not ready to do so.


Anonymous said...