Francis Tome: Please, not another flight to political incineration

Judging by what transpired in a political rally in Kipkelion this week, it seems as though the maverick brigade that presided over that rally is determined to once more put this country on a flight to political incineration.

Otherwise why would they be so much interested in taking the nation back to the painful memories of the post election violence?

Their incessant and callous talk about incited youths having killed, raped and maimed in the name of the Prime Minister does not augur well with the conscientious public that is reeling from horrendous post election violence. This brunt of politics is brutally dishonest and only serves to expose the brigade`s comprehensive incompetence.

It must be made abundantly clear to them that they cannot hope to gather public goodwill to propel them to the helm of this country`s political leadership in 2012 through such unfortunate emotional trickery. We have not forgotten that some among this servile brigade are today obsessed with misusing “truth and reconciliation" to evade justice. Some among them are probably fully responsible for the multiple debacles currently going on in the country.

The least we expect from them is remorse and for them to spearhead a genuine healing campaign. However, it appears as though hubris has defeated caution once again. We are again witnessing parochial politicians traversing this country on a mission to magnify distrust among the people of this nation. Do they think that Kenyans are too benighted to understand what is good for them!

I expected that since some among them have already declared their presidential ambitions, they would be prudent enough to preoccupy themselves with selling their vision to the electorate. Instead, it appears to me that their ambition to presidency is hinged on their venomous hatred against the PM and by extension other ethnic groups that seem to be gravitating towards the PM. Hatred alone can never be reason for one to seek the presidency of this country. The worst mistake that the electorate can do is to allow such an individual to take the mantle of leadership of this country. Rather than divine healing, expect revenge. Expect discrimination against certain individuals and ethnic groups in the country. Consequently, there would be skirmishes upon skirmishes ad infinitum.

It is also totally absurd they are squandering a tremendous opportunity of advancing their political ideology by using threats to try to buttress bovine obedience from a section of MPs from Rift Valley Province who are supposedly not in their camp. Inciting voters against a popularly elected leader just because he does not champion one`s political cause is a very shameful act.

Finally, it is pathetic for any elected leader to spend his every waking hour trying to get even with the PM instead of dispensing services to Kenyans. Such obsession will only make them dither and dither and finally self destruct themselves.

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