Nigerian 419 Email Scammers now operate from Kenya?

Looks like Kenyans have caught the bug of perpetrating Internet fraud mainly used by Nigerians called the Nigeria 419 Scam. Or the Nigerians have camped in Kenya and perpetrate the crime from Kenya or have trained and partnered with Kenyans.

This is a con game and you are a fool to fall into the trap. Do not dare fall for these Email fraud traps. Think before you leap. When a deal is too good, think twice!

I received a letter from a Kenyan with Kenya Zain numbers asking for cooperation to access lots of cash left by a former MP.

According to Wikipedia;

An advance-fee fraud is a confidence trick in which the target is persuaded to advance sums of money in the hope of realizing a significantly larger gain.[1] Among the variations on this type of scam, are the Nigerian Letter (also called the 419 fraud, Nigerian scam, Nigerian bank scam, or Nigerian money offer[2]),[3] the Spanish Prisoner, the black money scam as well as Russian/Ukrainian scam (also extremely widespread, though far less popular than the former). The so-called Russian and Nigerian scams stand for wholly dissimilar organised-crime traditions; they therefore tend to use altogether different breeds of approaches.

... The number "419" refers to the article of the Nigerian Criminal Code (part of Chapter 38: "Obtaining Property by false pretences; Cheating") dealing with fraud.[6] The American Dialect Society has traced the term "419 fraud" back to 1992.[7]

This is the letter:

Subject: Greeting from Kenya
From: Mbogo Kombe
Nairobi – Kenya
Tel: +254 737395xxx

Dearest friend,

My name is Mbogo Kombe, the son of late Eng. David Noti Kombe, the former Member of Kenyan Parliament. I know my sudden soliciting will make anybody apprehensive and worried but I have decided to contact you due to the urgency. In April 2008, Kenyan government awarded a contract to my father to re-construct some major roads here in Mombasa city, unfortunately he dies while the constructions were ongoing.

Just last year October, I and my mother discovered some important documents indicating that my father deposited amount of US$8.2Million dollars with one of West African Banks in Burkina Faso. We decided not to disclose the information to anybody due to confiscation of our entire properties by Kenyan government because of my father’s inability to complete the contract.

Hence we are unable to pursue the transfer ourselves and also to prevent the government interference that is why we compose this letter to soliciting your collaboration to stand as my father’s business partner to transfer the money into your account overseas as we have the necessary information’s to backup the claim.

On the smooth conclusion of the transfer, you would entitle with 25% for your assistance. And Upon your responds to handling the transfer, we will send you more details on how the fund should be transferred into your account and don’t forget to provide us your contact information for easy communication.

Yours faithfully,
Mbogo Kombe
+254 737395xxx

It is a high time Sim card registration is accelerated to cut down on these opportunists.

And something is very wrong with our immigration officials. It was the Jamaican preacher, the Somali pirates, Somali Al Shabab and now the Nigerian fraudsters. NKT!

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