The Horn of Africa Hotspot Radiation - Just a Dream?

Wednesday, 20 January, 2010 2:46

Blessed be The Name of Jesus Christ, The King of kings and Lord of lords, even over Kenya and Eastern Africa. I wish to pass a message to all Christians, which I believe is from The Lord (with all due respect to all who may disagree, and a humble apology to those I may offend). I’m no big preacher or renowned prophet…I’m a simple, ordinary Kenyan, in fact I’m a rather private and shy person. However, I would not want to repeat the mistake I made in February 2007 when I failed to alert fellow brethren of the dream warning I received, which was replayed in early 2008 ( see at the bottom).

This is why I beseech you to read this, then pray asking The Spirit of God who knows and reveals all things to guide you… do not ignore this without seeking God’s confirmation. He’s ALL Knowing and able to confirm that which He’s authored… and He exposes liars and false prophets. If you get a conviction in your heart, spread this email with urgency to other brethren and take action. We are all watchmen…appointed to alert others so that we may be saved from satan’s destructive plans.

On Thursday 7th January 2010, as I slept, I got a very vivid dream. I was shown the map of Africa. It had an odd shape as though parts of the Southern and West Africa were missing. Whereas the rest of Africa was dark green (like a rain forest) the eastern part was markedly different. The horn of Africa, the entire country of Somali was red hot. Next to it was Kenya, part of Ethiopia, Southern Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda all deep orange – the sunset orange that’s approaching color red. I seemed to be conversing with the person showing me the map. I first of all asked why parts of the Southern and West Africa seemed missing.

The map was then zoomed-in and to my surprise the previously missing parts were there but in pale green, a color making them invisible from a distance. It seemed like a color of peace, as though they were not really a part of Africa. I was then returned to Eastern Africa, I asked why Kenya and all the other countries were deep orange. I didn’t get a clear answer but I got a message within me that they are being infected by the Horn of Africa, and before long if we do not step up prayers to fully possess them for Christ, they will be as red hot as the Horn of Africa (Somalia).

I was deeply shaken when I woke up and a strong urgency to begin interceding for Kenya was roused. I was quickened to share this dream out with other believers (Kenyans, Ugandans, Tanzanias, Southern Sudanese, and all brethren with a burden for Africa) to rise urgently in serious prayer and intercession.

This dream found me outside the country and I’d planned that upon my return I’d draw the map I’d seen so that I could email it with this message. However, to my shock, I learnt of the violent riots that followed in Nairobi last Friday and that several bombs were found in the country…I could not wait any longer. I had to release this message urgently.

I was reminded of the dream I had on 24.2.2007… it seemed out of place at the time, and totally outrageous to share with anyone. I only related it to a few close people, perhaps less than 20 (I deeply regretted my actions and had to repent before God when the violent events unraveled in January 2008). When I woke up in the morning of 24.2.07, I immediately recorded the events of that dream in my dream book which is on my laps now.

This is what I wrote then: “On 24.2.07 night. Dreamt of bloodshed in Nairobi. Riots on roads and certain hooligans attacking villages and innocent people with sharp objects…a lot of blood… gangs in different parts of Nairobi and rural areas…someone dispatching vehicles and lorries to take people to safety… I move to a safe house…there are riot police everywhere and road blocks erected in some places to deal with violence…”

That was the dream I got with similar vividness and urgency as the one of 7.1.10. In February 2007, there was no hint of violence in Kenya, even the Mungiki violence had not peaked until May 2007. You must therefore understand why I was shy to share that dream… and knowing what happened in early 2008, you can well imagine how horrible and guilty I felt for keeping silent. If I didn’t know the full meaning of God’s forgiveness after repenting, I would never have released myself from my guilt. But I know God forgave me.

Brethren, this is a watchman’s trumpet alerting us of the enemy’s onslaught. I know God has posted several watchmen both mighty and simple, we are all messengers. Once an enemy gains a toe-hold, it will soon become a foot-hold, then a stronghold… we cannot let that happen. But thanks to Jesus and the precious powerful blood that He shed we can war in prayer (and not in the flesh or with physical arms) and reclaim that which has been lost.

In 2008 we prayed reactive/defensive prayers, when massive damage had already taken place… our country is yet to fully recover. But a greater enemy army is at hand...much more violent than imagined. We all leant from our past complacency, and we know that should anything happen to Kenya, we all lose regardless of our tribes or denominations. When Kenya goes into the hands of a violent man, so does Uganda, Tanzania, S.Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi…we all know the role Kenya plays economically, spiritually and politically as a gateway in this region.

Brethren, as kings and priests of the Lord, lets rise up in violent prayer, to protect and repossess the land that the Lord has given us, and to be messengers of peace to those who still don’t know Christ. We have a more precious home in heaven, but while we are here on earth, we must do our part to reign and conquer under Christ. Without prayer, the best army cannot save us and neither can the UN peace keeping force. Let us run to Mt Zion… and possess our possessions.

An appeal to our beloved church leaders: let’s lay aside our differences this time around and gather urgently to start praying …NOW. To the simple man and woman at home, do not belittle yourselves, don’t wait until a call is made, intercede with the simplest words you know…A minute of prayer by a multitude can make a big difference. To the seasoned intercessors…you know what to do. To fellow Christians outside Eastern Africa, a loss of any part of God’s Kingdom is a loss for Jesus, stand with us and intercede for us.



(I’ve omitted my identity deliberately…I’m a messenger. If you’ve read this full text, I’ve done my part)..

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