Jamia Mosque Riots: The Bigger Picture

The following disturbing happenings

  • Widespread buying of properties by Somalis (from Somalia ) in Nairobi , Mombasa , Nakuru, isiolo, kajiado and other major towns. Areas around the Eastleigh Airbase, Wilson Airport , JKIA and even near statehouse a priority. In Eastleigh and South C it is actual ethnic cleansing(or is religious cleansing) through buyout of all properties (including a chiefs office and a market)This happens despite muted complaints from Kenyans warning of a takeover of their country by foreigners.
  • Internal security permanent secretary orders an audit of all properties owned by foreigners in Nairobi .
  • This is followed by complaints of disapproval from some Kenyan Somalis including a nation columnist former LSK chair Ahmednasir Abdulahi and among others Billow Kerrow, former Mandera West Mp arguing that the Somalis work very hard. (Which hard work is this that other Kenyans do not know about? Why have they refused to work hard in Somalia instead?) Their hardwork has even bought some Kenyans! Maajabu!
  • Reports that the insurgency in Somalia is financed by cheap, duty free sugar imported through Kismayu before finding its way through porous borders and corrupt and inept intelligence and security apparatus to Eastleigh and then to other parts of Kenya. Also included are clothes, elctronics, gun running, piracy, printing of fake currency poaching and other criminal activities.
  • John Allan Namu and Mohamed Ali demonstrates how goods are brought to Eastleigh from The mombasa port and the Eldoret Airport by foreigners through corrupt networks. KRA is unable to detect this. Eastleigh is the only place in Nairobi where KRA staffs enforcing ETR registers have been chased
  • Unearthing of a syndicate in Eastleigh printing fake Kenya IDs and passports
  • Reports of recruiting of young Kenyans and Somali refugees in madrassas and mosques in Eastleigh and Isiolo town to fight for Al Qaeda (or is Al Shabab) in Somalia .
  • Census results withheld after it emerges that the Somali population in Kenya has grown from about 900,000 persons to 2,200,000 persons since 1999, a massive 140%. Other comparable areas such as Pokot, Turkana, and Marsabit come nowhere near a tenth of that.
  • A rocket propelled grenade capable of bringing down a building found in Maua town and another in a Nakuru-bound bus.
  • Al Amin Kimathi and Sheikh Dor announcing a muslim takeover of the country in 20 years.
Friday the 15th of January 2010. On this day daylong rioting by islamic extremists protesting detention of suicide bomber trainer Sheikh Al Faisal from Jamaica . The first time in Kenyan history for protestors to carry guns which are used to kill a GSU officer. Some even carried a flag belonging to Al Qaeda associate Al Shabab group from Somalia .

It is thus apparent that we are our worst enemies. Where is our president when all this is happening? Which Kenya did he swear to defend? The highest integrity should not be that of the director of KACC but the heads of Immigration department and registration of Persons, KRA, Police Commissioner etc. Can the history and contacts of these leaders be thoroughly investigated?

For example: Who is Al Amin Kimanthi, Who is Sheikh Dor, Who is Abdullahi Abdi? Who are their parents? Who were their classmates?Has any one of them bought a Kenya ID and Passport?This is what will determine whether we will leave our children and our childrens children in the hands of Al shabab or in a free democratic country.

Once a country’s economy is taken over by foreigners who will not even integrate, we will have two states within one. A kamba will marry a Luo, a kikuyu marry a taita, A Luhya marry a Kalenjin etc. We drink in the same bars, go to same schools and churches, etc. But what of these Somalis whom we have allowed to buy our capital city.

Once the Alshabab is done with the TFG in their country, this is the second stop. Kenya is already under islamization through influx of Somalis (from Somalia ), buying of IDs and Passports, buying of land and control of economy through various criminal and illegal tactics. Who will save us? Kibaki? No way. Raila? No way. The citizenry will have to save itself.


We demand that the Army of Kenya take control of the border and checkpoints immediately and replace these APs and Kenya Police. We have just received shocking news that, 4,000,000 (four million) Somalis have crossed Kenyan border and are in Mombasa, Nairobi, Masai Land, Kisumu and are seeping like a bad smell deeper into the rural village communities in Kenya within the last one year.

The government must not only be worried of this cleric but also the Somalis who are entering Kenya in large numbers and buying not only the Masaais out of the Rift Valley but also turning Nairobi into a Somali city. Kajiado is filled with Somalis who run businesses who cannot express themselves in either English or Swahili. These are Al-Qaeda Fundamentalists imported to create chaos in Kenya and spoil the future of our children.

Kenya government must watch out on the Administration Police (APs) who are letting into Kenya Somalis through roadblocks, for example,on Dadaab and Garrisa roads on payment of $300 per person. All the 4,000,000 Somali that crossed the boarder illigally into Kenya must be weeded out of Kenya immediately. I am told this influx was allowed by the former Somali Police Chief who has a more bigger agenda to turn Kenya into Somali owned country through money coming from pirating as well as other dubious activities.

Somalis are put in senior security positions in Kenya: Police and Army by the government!

What do we expect to happen but to open gateways of the runaway kinsmen and to protect their political interests in the Leadership of Kenya from their failed country, Somalia ..

No wonder their bragging that the Muslims will rule Kenya next.

We are sitting on a powder keg as the government looks the other way!

Hey, this too must be brought to the attention of the World to step in immediately to bring this case to a halting stop.

We want an FBI interrogation, inspection and thorough investigation, all officials found involved with importation of these fundamentalists with the issuance of IDs must be got rid off, whether they belong to ODM or PNU. They are Kenyans enemies number one.

The Government and the Police must act now with urgency before a lot of debate takes a wrong direction from sobrierity. I am at a loss why the Minister for Foreign Affairs have not spoken......

Wananchi along with Prof. Saitoti must work hand in hand within an urgency framework, to get rid of this fundamentalists foreigners off the Kenyan Soil if the Government of Kibaki is playing dilly dally.......they must not be given one more day.......let the debate continue when they are already out of the Country.

Any one with slightest move like the drama we have just seen must be acted upon immediately.

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