KCPE Results 2009

10 lessons to learn from the KCPE Results of 2009

1. Private academies pupils get better marks than their public schools counterparts. However, one cannot ascertain whether this means they are brighter, more intelligent or better than those who attend public schools. Probably.

2. The Government of Kenya is catching up with the usage of information communication technology. The minister can have the national results in a flashdisk, CD or DVD instead of those bulky paper reports. You can check your KCPE Results 2009 online (www.examscouncil.or.ke) or via SMS. Further, you can query which school you have been selected to join via SMS.

3. Free primary education is proving to be a very expensive venture for many Kenyan kids in public schools. While literacy levels are rising among the young generation, the quality and standards of education and learning are very much compromised. It is an old adage, cheap is expensive.

4. We can still know which schools are the best for our kids. The media will always tell us from which schools the best pupils come from. As a school owner, you can brag and advertise your school by listing the names of best performing candidates in the national newspapers.

5. The best pupil was a boy just like other years. Boys always lead by getting the best KCPE marks than girls. I wonder.

6. Hardwork, God, Teachers and Mums rank high as the secret to getting good KCPE marks. I did not hear any attributions to the school, team work, study groups, dads, books, school equipment, pastors, neighbours, witchcraft, food or the government

7. Cheating, cheating, cheating. It starts early in Kenya. Further, prisons do not reform prisoners. KCPE Results 2009 of Thika prisoners were canceled for cheating.

8. Ministers and permanent secretaries are not responsible at all for any financial misappropriation in their ministries. Kenyans are fools to demand accountability from any political appointees.

9. Kenyans have forgotten that one can be corrupt or be allegedly corrupt and still smile wickedly and talk arrogantly. Mta do?

10. There is so so much money in Kenya. The minister of finance can still get billions to divert to free primary education in a matter of hours after the ministry of education allegedly misappropriates its millions. The latest money minting venture in Kenya is to be the head of a Kenyan public school or work at the Ministry of Education. Primary school education is big money in Kenya.

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