Nzau Musau: Lumumba still awaits KACC job approval by MPs - The Star

PARLIAMENT is yet to decide on the choice of lawyer PLO Lumumba for the top anti-corruption job, it emerged yesterday.

Parliamentary committee on administration of justice chaired by Mohamed Abdikadir said it is yet to meet to deliberate on the choice offered by the Okong'o Omogeni-chaired Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission advisory board.

Abdikadir said the choice of Lumumba and two other assistant director nominees Pravin Bowry and Prof Jane Onsogo remained the board's choices and Parliament will have its say.

"We have not been able to meet for a number of reasons, one being that this fell on Christmas eve and as you know, most members were away. And so as of now and until we meet, the names we have remain the board's choice," Abdikadir said.

He said his team would meet as soon as enough quorum is raised and would work out on the names to ensure that by the time the House reconvenes, the committee dispenses the matter.

Lumumba is slated to fill the position of former director Aaron Ringera who resigned early last month following public pressure.

On the other hand, Bowry and Onsongo are to replace Dr Smokin Wanjala and Fatuma Sichale who also resigned alongside Ringera after Parliament quashed a presidential decision reappointing them for another five-year term.

The three had been reappointment without recourse to proper legal procedures set out in the law and which now the advisory board is following.

Under the law, the board nominates candidates and forwards them to Abdikadir's committee which deliberates and if satisfied of their merits, tables their names in Parliament for endorsement.

Once Parliament approves of the nominees, the President is at liberty to formally appoint them to their positions.

Yesterday, Abdikadir said his committee would also be deliberating on the nominees for the dispute resolution committee

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