Esther Arunga on K24 Capital Talk with Jeff Koinange

Esther Arunga Part 1 of 4

Esther Arunga Part 2 of 4

Esther Arunga Part 3 of 4

Esther Arunga Part 4 of 4

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7 Responses to Esther Arunga on K24 Capital Talk with Jeff Koinange

Anonymous said...

Woman is certifiably crazy or brainwashed.

First of, there is no chuchofsatanism website. There is a churchofsatan that she probably meant. I see nothing particularly sinister on that site. The code she provided was useless and there was no where it was required for any access.

It sounds a pretty flimsy guilty by association case that she purported used to base her engagement break up on.

Esther, a pretty smile and a beautiful body may open doors for you in some media houses;not the state house.

Anonymous said...

Esther, just because you said you believe in the power of Jesus Christ, you have my vote.Trust me, kenya needs a leader who believes in the power of Jesus Christ to bust those freemasonic politicians who have for long stolen from us and sacrificed our blood to the devil himself.
Kenyans open your eyes and see that God has sent us the leader we need.She is better than Obama...even better than Raila.

Anonymous said...

Esther, I admire your courage and confidence, you are just great, I do not think you are crazy. Pursue your vision.

peter k said...

what all the fuss?Hellon has a sound music career.ester has been in media. we liked watching her read news.
which of these two people is not fit to be president.someone say. and stop senseless bashing.

what is a cult anyway?

Anonymous said...

esther go for it nothing should stop u

Anonymous said...


I wonder what happened to yuo beautiful lady. I miss the flare n pomp that you were adding to the kenyan politics. We need people like you and Heron to offer us a placenter to hold on.Come and re-lounch your bid if only for the fun of it.

Anonymous said...

Those references she was giving about church of satan were all crap..... first of all there is nothing like please research ur case well before u start talking rubbish on TV. Ave taken time to go to those sites and there is nothing like what she said.