Kenya Grand Coalition Government must be Kicked Out: New Order Party Of Kenya

Grand Coalition government has failed to deliver on its promises…it must be kicked out
It is very clear in my mind that the government deeply divided as the Grand Coalition government is cannot and won’t liberate Kenyans from the bondage of economic, social and political slavery.

Day in day out Kenyans are humiliated by mature men behaving badly. Kenyans have to endure indignity of being ruthlessly oppressed, exploited and disenfranchised by the people the entrusted with the power to lead them through elections.

In all corners of the country Kenyans are living in mass misery, wallowing in absolute poverty. Hunger, unemployment and diseases are diminishing and killing our beautiful country. The land of our birth, the land of our ancestors, the land of Dedan Kimathi and the Mau Mau.

To millions of Kenyans the independence no longer has any meaning. National flag, National Anthem and seat in the United Nations is not what our fathers fought for. The privileged few in the name of the ruling class has mastered the art of subjugation and economic slavery that has literally thrown the country to the dogs.

Kenya has reduced to a man-eat-man and a dog-eat-dog society. Black exploiters have joined hand with the leading foreign multinationals and international imperialist to kill the Kenyan masses by sucking their blood and sweat. Few lucky Kenyans that are in employment toil extremely hard and in extremely humiliating oppressing circumstances only for their sweat and blood to end up in the Black Europeans plates.

Every year the academic institutions spew to the job markets millions of qualified and energetic young men and women. The Kenya economic system is such a way that it works for the rich and only those with the right connections, even with inferior credentials are lucky to secure employment in the civil service or the private sector.

The vast majorities who neither are rich nor represented in the ruling class wallow in unemployment, loose hope, turn to drugs, crime and prostitutions to survive. They end up in streets, prisons and most in graves.

God never meant for Kenyans to live like this. The situation is no longer sustainable and must be changed.

Kenya is poor not because the Kenyans are poor, but because those vested with leadership abilities have deliberately and willingly condemned Kenyans to these miseries thanks to graft, corruption and poor leadership. We must refuse to sit down and watch our country Kenya degenerate.

All indicators, political, social, economic, environmental clearly point to the fact that Kenya as a country is doomed. We must brace to take over the leadership of the country to clear the MESS created since independence. It is a huge mess and after cleaning there must be a fresh start.

From sports (Kenya Football Federation/FKL and youth fund) to Education (Free Primary Education), from Energy (Triton) to Agriculture (Maize, Fertilizer), From Finance (billions computer error, Anglo leasing, Goldenberg) for Foreign Affairs (Migingo), From Immigration (Al Faisal, Miguna Miguna saga, NEP population growth by 114%), From Water (Millions loss at City Water) to Lands (Ndungu report implementation and Mau Saga), From Trade (Kenya Beaureau of Standards saga and EPZ slavery) to Environment (Nema Woes), From Transport (Matatu saga, Airport Seciruty, Maritime Collapse, Kenya Ferry Services debacle), From Internal Security (Vigilantes handling, Cattle Rustling, General insecurity) to Cooperatives (Handling of New KCC, Coffee, Tea sectors.)…..the list is endless.

Radical and Meaningful change is a must in all sectors of governance. The power to effect this change is within us. Time to act is now.

Lawrence Kamau

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One Response to Kenya Grand Coalition Government must be Kicked Out: New Order Party Of Kenya

Anonymous said...

Problem with us Kenyans is that we are looking at this issues through our own 'spectacles' tainted with our own prejudices and hence our politicians sneak in between untouched. My opinion is PM Raila created the so called 'Constitutional crisis' to divert Kenyans' attention from the Maize saga that is seriously eating into his political investment. Perhaps it is my own spectacle.