Peter Nduthu?

This MEMO release is written in behalf of our client, Mr Peter Nduthu. To set the record straight – although our office has received numerous media request to clarify our client’s political stand and interest in Kenya political landscape, and affiliation to the recently published book "Kenya in the eyes of a patriotic Kenyan".

We can confirm there is no truth to some items published in the news as reported.

The recently published book, yet to be launched "Kenya in the eyes of a patriotic kenyan" published by Mr Francis Karanja aka "Mkombozi" former Nakuru politician, has no political affiliation nor does it express the views of our client Mr Peter Nduthu.

There is a growing interest in young Kenyans from around the world participating in politics, some Kenyan political parties are changing and have responded positively to the growing number of Young Turks who want to affect the political system, including Mr Nduthu. Political ideologies that were once considered "fringe" beliefs are becoming mainstreamed, and more young people are associating themselves with politics.

Mr Nduthu considers himself as "3rd Generation Young Turks" he has his eyes on the political landscape in Kenya and isn’t shy about his possible interest in running for office come 2012. “That’s an option we will always hold open, where he expects the coming months to be a critical part of his Kenya History.

Mr Nduthu, 35, will be meeting and having conference calls with Kenyan veteran and former politicians in Europe, Nairobi and Nakuru seeing through aspects that will have significant political consequences being closely watched at home. Most pressing is referendum.

He advocates for “a big tent Kenya” and predicts a new, winnable political platform which will eventually emerge from the war between moderates and the conservatives movement. “What is most important for any democracy these days is to let all voices be heard”. “I think it’s a very healthy transition period, knowing full well that this isn’t the end point but this is one step in heading the right direction.”

We however ask members of the media to respect his family's privacy, any questions or clarifications should be directed to me, and I will endeavour to reply promptly. A full press statement will be released on May 10th 2010.

We hope you will give this memo your immediate consideration to avoid expensive and embarrassing reporting.


Ms V Richards

Marketing & Relations Directorate

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