Kenya New Constitution - The rights of suspects - Suspect to be informed of reason for arrest

Legal fees: Justice minister Mutula Kilonzo said it is worth celebrating the fact that Kenyans will have to file cases without the legal fees charges.

Besides, Kenyans will have a right to petition court to seek clean environment without having to demonstrate the kind of injury they are likely to suffer. Suspects also enjoy a right to be informed of the reason for arrest.

There is also the right to fair hearing (Article 50 (2) (e)) which says that every person charged with an offence has the right for the trial to begin and conclude without unreasonable delay. And they too have a right to challenge a Conviction if new evidence becomes available (Article 50(6)
which could open floodgates for people to try and challenge previous convictions on this basis and clog the courts.

-- Saturday Nation

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