Behold, the Hague six "he-goats" that whitewashes the sins of Kibaki and Raila

Kenyans must give it up for Moreno Ocampo for poking his finger far enough where no-one else could. Though he did not dip his finger enough where the cancer is, today we know who bears greatest criminal responsibility for 2007/08 post election violence in the eyes of ICC prosecution office. They are:

1. William Ruto

2. Uhuru Kenyatta

3. Henry Kosgey

4. Hussein Ali

5. Francis Muthaura

6. Joshua Arap Sang

The good

The culture of impunity, politically instigated violence, political chest thumping and other vices that are idolized along parliament road have received a below the belt blow. In the future political aspirants will think twice, thrice before inciting their followers to violence and innocent bloodshed. Civil servants will step down rather than take orders that border on crimes against humanity from their masters.

The bad

Thousands of criminals participated in the planning and executing of post election violence. The ICC has only gone for six and is not keen to prosecute more. The judiciary in Kenya has no will, power or political goodwill to prosecute these criminals. As it is these criminals will go scot free forever. Thousands of IDPs are still stuck in camps and there is no hurry to resettle. Thousands of Kenyans who were raped, maimed, killed and lost property will never get retribution and compensation.

and the ugly

The post election violence was about two Kenyan citizens who with stinking impunity are unfortunately above any judicial process in Kenya and sadly in the world, now that the ICC cannot dare touch these two.

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