Kudos Mheshimiwa John Harun Mwau!

I am a resident and a voter from Kilome Constituency and I wonder when the day will come for the enemies that are like sharks devouring My Mheshimiwa, Hon. John Harun Mwau, will ever come and witness what he has been able to do for his People. Why will you not come to the ground an judge him by his actions . . . .

Kilome was in a deplorable condition, the residents languished in poverty, no one cared about what we ate and drunk , if our children went to school or not, If our Sisters our mothers and our wives had self esteem because they could welcome their husbands and children home to a well cooked meal. No one cared, now we have an example of what good leadership can do for the people.

Since independence we have never experienced or known how it is to live well. Until 2007 an acre of land along the highway used to be sold at Kshs 10,000/-, right now a 50X100plot is over Kshs 400,000/- translating to about over 1.6million an acre. I am living in the rural area but I feel like I live in town, I have water and electricity; I can feed my family without begging what more can I ask for.

After elections he sat us down as a constituency and all he pledges has since come to pass. A man
who honours his words is a man worth of respect. He may not live or visit Kilome every day but his presence is greatly felt.

As the country goes through a draught situation I can only remember just how bad hunger used
to bite then, good riddance to those old days. We have water running through almost every
homestead, water projects such as Salama to Maiyani, Road Kasgue to Masokani and many others.

Where such projects have not reached we have borehole that have been sunk and even electrified in Kwangumu,Kwale, Musaani,Kayata, Kisaungu , in areas like Kisaulu the borehole there is generator powered.

Kilome was such a remote area that even banking institutions avoided it as a plague. We now have two branches of K Rep bank, one in Kasgeu and a second one in Mumela. For a bank to establish two branches in a period of less than two years in what used to be a very remote area can only be a demonstration of how economically empowered we at Kilome have become.

I know that it is a privilege to have some of the projects that we are having at Kilome. I can only
count myself blessed because my child who is now in class 5 will grow up knowing how to grow food using subsistence farming. We have schools like Mupembo Primary and Kagseu Secondary Schools that have green houses, YES, green houses, whilst Kasgeu Boys secondary, Mutweambo primary, Sultan hamud Primary, Mukaa Primary have Fish ponds. In what had been written off by many as the dry Ukambani.

Our constituency funds runs like an institution. When a man who know how to manage anything
takes over he can only turn situations around. We the people are the ones who manage our funds, we sit in barazas with the chief, DO, and other community leaders, and decide what projects should be given priority. It is an unwritten rule that a sub-location cannot get less than Kshs 400,000, meaning the projects are substantial and can be seen. What we needed in Kilome, the lord provided a leader who cares about his people.

I am having hope because Hon John Harun Mwau is my Mheshimiwa! Thank you God for using man.

Musembi, from Kilome

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3 Responses to Kudos Mheshimiwa John Harun Mwau!

Anonymous said...

Built on the back of matembe and risasi of course!

Kwame said...

I really loved your article above. I might as well say that this has turned me into a fanatic of your kenya Political Blog spot. Its a real breath of fresh air to see a positive element that is never reported in all our communication mediums. That was fantastic.

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We need to change the way our people think. It would be interesting for you to highlight the link for your users looking out for something different.

doroda said...

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