Nairobi Law Monthly Offices Raided

On Thursday night thugs raided The Nairobi Law Monthly magazine published by outspoken lawyer Ahmednassir Abdillahi.

They stole computers containing crucial files related to a revealing story that was to be published in its October Edition. Speculation is rife that the story must have rubbed the powers that be the wrong way.

Ahmednasir is a vocal member of the reconstituted Judicial Service Commission that has been vetting judiciary appointees under the new constitution. He is also a former Law Society of Kenya chairperson.

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3 Responses to Nairobi Law Monthly Offices Raided

Kahura said...

These acts of political thuggery have been practiced and perfected in Kenya since those dark days of 'baba na mama'. The precursor of present day NLM, when Gitobu Imanyara was at the helm, bore some bruises from this. One would love to think that with the advances we've made in opening up our democratic space, the hooliganism has been relegated to the past but, oops!
Think again.

mastere said...

The law needs to catch up with this thugs fast.Let them not be a deterrent to our push for a New Kenya...this is just too sickening....

The Village Idiot said...

I agree, it is sickening but its the kind of behaviour we have come to, maybe not condone, but gotten used to as part of our lives. the Government did it to the Standard and yes we shouted and screamed maybe someone tied themselves to a tree but in the end life went on as if nothing happened.

The problem is not them but us. They will do what they have always known and what we have always accepted. that's just my two cents