Ahmednasir Abdullahi on K24 Capital Talk with Jeff Koinange

Ahmednasir Abdullahi is a commissioner with the Judicial Service Commissioner (JSC) and the editor of Law Monthly Magazine.

On the Ocampo Six ICC cases at the Hague he had this to say:

"I have always said and I am saying it, I mean, the Hague is a political process, it is a European court for Africans and if you look at the legal issues, I don't think there is a case really.....there was no investigations. I think that came out very clearly in terms of the evidence or alleged evidence that he (Ocampo) has is very poor, very poor.......Ocampo should be charged with professional misconduct, because he hasn't done a proper job as a prosecutor.

When you are prosecuting you must have a water tight case. If you don't have a water tight case, you must not prosecute and I think that history will judge him very harshly in my view no matter how the case goes because I think he has let down both the suspects and the victims in terms of what kind of investigations he did.... He is a drama queen really, he really enjoys when he talks on camera, but as a lawyer, I think he was very poor."

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