Miguna Miguna on K24 Capital Talk - Raila is a political conman

Miguna Miguna is a former political advisor to prime minister Raila Odinga who was recently unceremoniously suspended from his duties by the office of the prime minister without pay. This may be informing his recent outbursts against the presidential candidature of Raila Odinga. However as a former insider of Raila political machinery, his interviews and articles exposes the weaker side of Raila Odinga. Will Kenyans listen?

Sample this:

"What I regret is the fact that to be honest Raila is a conman, a political conman. Yes, the facade that he puts forward, the quips, the soundbites, this theatrical performance on the stage is all but a facade. There are contradictions that are so fundamental, that unless Raila resolves and untangles them, it would be dangerous if such a person actually ascends to the presidency of this country....and I am not the only one talking about them (contradictions). His own strategists are talking about it, behind closed doors....and I have said in my article, resolve the contradictions, otherwise you either end up nowhere or if you do, you will be a dangerous person to be there."

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Part 2

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Part 4

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